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  1. sinbad
    sinbad inkswitch
    chữa bệnh và khỏi bệnh là niền mong ước của nhiều bệnh nhân, chúng tôi cung cấp nhưng thông tin tốt nhất cho bạn và mọi người thông qua :

    Điều bạn mong muốn cũng là những gì chúng tôi quan tâm.
    These cars are such a love/hate relationship. Tempermental lil things they can be
  3. Jroy
    Jroy TurboSkunk15
    Hi Sir,

    I will try to figure what kind of parts are used, when you told "the motor are rebuilt"?

    Would you write up some kind of list?

    I would appreciate that!

    - Jroy
  4. lee humphrey
    lee humphrey
    E85 now no more gasoline
  5. KRussell503
    KRussell503 Dusty Bradford
    Dusty, like many others, I'm searching for a torque converter. Based on your reputation on the board, I'm looking to get one from you. If you want to shoot me an email or something we can figure it out. My email is Thanks!
  6. 87GN864
    87GN864 V8Killer
    I saw in the parts for sale section that you weren't interested in some 80 pound injectors and wanted to let you know that I may have some available within the next upcoming week or two if you're interested
  7. CHAG0
    found a sheet of paper beind my read set its says model 46j47 buick body number 044915 seat ar9 pwr/driver ac3
  8. highpsi87
    Still plays with cars
  9. al shapiro
    al shapiro DOG
    I am in Cape Coral. You can call me 239-810-2552
  10. nixturbosix
    Rebuild begins
  11. mike231
    Trying to get my 84 T back on the road
  12. Sydwyndr
    Sydwyndr seedling
    Hey there. I have noticed some of your posts with only a period "." Is there an issue going on??
  13. dank GN
    dank GN
    I guess you can't trust ppl anymore at least new members
  14. DOG
    DOG al shapiro
    Not sure how to send a PM but we should schedule a day to meet up.
  15. DeltaBravo
    When is the next cruise?
  16. Emiliano Lago
  17. drturbo69
    drturbo69 tsm3089
    How do you know dual pass not H.D.
    Have had rods made in the pass too make dozen or so complete sets.Told by carrillo dual pass was before cnc programing-the only difference.They do not make dual pass anymore
  18. pro69
    pro69 iancamaro
    Is your car Ttype for sale? If so what are the specs,condition,price,etc. Thanks
  19. fc227
    fc227 charlief1
    Hi Charlie , I have a question . We had a house fire and my daughter as setup a donation fund. Normally I would not ask for this , but I could use all the help I can get. is it possible to post it to this site ?
  20. chethejet
    chethejet Nick Micale
    Just purchased a 87 from my brother inlaw who has memory loss car sat for three years on blocks lots of goodies on the motor and trans press on the gas it gets rpms real slow and does not build much boost I am willing to pay for help I am in Dayton Ohio has a box on the dash with red light buzzer toggle switch and reset button. two switches in ashtray!