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Sep 2, 2015 at 2:47 PM
May 28, 2001
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Feb 25, 1900 (Age: 115)
Madison, Ga.

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Chuck Leeper

Troll sniper, 115, from Madison, Ga.

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Viewing latest content, Sep 2, 2015 at 2:47 PM
    1. GN73
      Hello are you still doing injector services?
    2. Weldworks
      Hi Chuck. I wanted to get some information on having you clean and service 6 stock factory installed fuel injectors for a 1987 Grand National.

    3. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      How are you doing? Heard you had some complications. Checking.....Conrad
    4. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      Chuck, do you have your surgery behind you? Wondering how you are doing. Call me on my cell if you get a chance tomorrow...704-467-1310. Conrad
    5. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      Have you had your surgery yet? Checking on you. been trying to call but getting no answer.
    6. BHC
      hello Chuck. Chris Carnforth from louisville ky here. i am in need of your injector magic again. i have 2 sets of 120 s that need to be checked. i need your shipping addy. its like 90 bucks for a check up correct ?thanks
    7. jragracer
      Good evening Chuck..need to get my buick tuned.we live between Charleston and orangeburg started having turbo lag a few weeks ago..had trans and converter checked ,everything was ok in that dept....60ft went from 1.62 to 2.14 mph is unchange check for exhaust leaks..none ..check all vacume hoses..If you get a chance could give me a call..843.408 7945..NEED TO GET THIS THING TUNED....
    8. kels87gn
      I'm looking for knowledgeable people near Atlanta ga. I'm finding out nobody knows anything about grand nationals in Georgia. If you could be of assistance let me know.
    9. Justa231
      Hi Chuck, I was told that you are the person that will be able to help me. I just got 60 lb injectors and put them in my car and one is leaking. It's leaking from the hole on the side of the injector. I put a post under General Buick Turbo Tech" titled "Injector Problem, Need help." My post has a picture of where the gas is lekaing out. Thanks Nick
    10. Threegpsi
      I am not going to become a vendor here, can we not mention 3gCustomz. I really do not want to break the rules and disrespect any of the other paying vendors.

      We are located in Albany, GA though.
    11. 1outlaw
      Hi Chuck. Saw your post on cleaning and testing injectors. I have been trying to keep track of these injector incidences and find the cause. The DSM crowd and others so far have found that this black sticky goo readily disolves in gasoline- the problem is that their tune is set for E85 so it is a pain to switch tune to run a tank of gas just to clean them off. We are still unsure where this gunk comes from though we believe it may be a certain gasoline additive that are in the gas added to alcohol and may not be compatible or soluble in it. This gunk also has showed up in Steve Schader's "Brightmare yellow Mustang" among a few others outside of the DSM group. We know from lab tests that it is not the common corrosion inhibitor used in the ethanol industry- the molecular weight of these deposits is far different. PM me if you have findings.
      Phil Younger
      Renew E85 LLC/Utica Energy LLC
      Oshkosh, WI,
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    Feb 25, 1900 (Age: 115)
    Madison, Ga.
    hotrodding and racing since '55

    Fast cars, turbos, old Walmart hotties:D


    Madison, Ga. USA
    USAF 1960-1964
    Walmart hottie stalker:D
    Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.