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Discussion in 'Time Slip and Combo Database' started by Rich Gio, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    I spent the last 2 years Re-learning my car and all the quirks that they have. The first time I raced it in 18 years was back in '09. I did a best of 13.8 @ 97 mph :mad:. Replacing the valve springs fixed that issue. The next track visit yielded a 13.5 @99 mph and I knew I was on the right track with a lot of help from I did a few odds and ends over the winter (Dutt neck IC, boxed lower control arms...more basics) and the first runs of '11 resulted in a 13.2 @ 100.5 MPH running a max of 18# boost on pump gas with zero KR, still heading in the right direction! I did some research and decided to pull the trigger on Razor's alky kit. After installing that , a TT chip for Alky and an RJC boost controller I headed to the track. The first pass was a 13.0 at 105MPH at 20# boost! The next few passes I cranked up the boost and got a best of 12.6 @ 107Mph at 22# and SLIGHT Kr. My 60' times were bad (best of 1.85) so I know with some tweaking (considering an Otto tune shortly) and some practice I will be knocking on the door to 11's. Just wanted to thank the board for helping me take my 14 second DOG into the 12's.
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    Great job. Enjoy it sir
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    Nice runs. Are you running the stock tt timing..23/21 and what type of tires?

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