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Apr 4, 2002
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Fiberglass bumper filler dude. (949) 433-1257, from Huntington Beach CA.

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Viewing forum list, Apr 26, 2017 at 1:07 AM
      met you at the bates show this past weekend, the nicest black regal there by far!! but garys white turbo T was pretty damn clean.. i have a white turbo T myself so a little bias... anyways keep her up bro! hope to see her in action one day.
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    I like candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.


    One peice fiberglass rear bumper fillers. In stock. Ready to ship. $370.00 each.
    *NEW* Fiberglass front fillers $320.00

    PM, or call for shipping. (949)433-1257

    87 GN
    Lou Czarnota "special:cool: " mutton motor, Champion cnc irons, Dihydrogen monoxide cooled 6265 dbl bb hair dryer with afterburner option, 212/212 Hyd roller bumpstick, Morel lifters, V4 boost activated squirrel catcher, 60 lbs squirters, crosswired 340, THDP, Kenne Bell air canister (used as office trash can), TA headers, Cotton's s/s exhaust, disemboweled feline, Razor's dbl nozzle booze shooter, TT WB chip, MH Big Mouth air intake, LS1 MAF with trans, AC 9" non LU conv, old Len Freeman gear box, trans brake, 373 gear, Viagra axles, air bags, HR boxed LCAs, Metco adj UCAs, 275-60-15 MT DRs, scanmaster, Powerlogger, tune and combo inspiration By Brutal-6 Racing. Thanks Neal and Morgan.
    Also, about $8000.00 worth of other junk that I'm too ashamed of or not mentioning.