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  • Good evening Brian,
    My name is Chad Feldman (Fitman)
    I understand you sell the Alradco radiators.
    If so I am interested one one please sir.
    Please advise on pricing and shipping to 77657.
    Thanks in advance
    Hi Brian
    Awesome build with rusty silver bullet.
    Ive got an 85t with 87gn engine and quite a few mods.
    Would like to do a bit of racing this year but dont want to hurt anything.
    Wondering if i might be able to contact you by phone or email and ask some advice.
    Not looking for free advice either.
    I know how busy we all are

    Thank you for your time.

    I am in Amherst , Lorain area and looking for a turbo regal mechanic so I asked on this site if they know anyone in Cleveland area that is knowledgeable in our cars so someone form the site gave me your name.
    Paul 440-541-9900
    I was told that you might know about a car I sold to a Snap On Tool guy in Ohio a few years ago. I have been wondering how the car is now and just can`t remember the guy`s name. Maybe Marty. My name is Bruce Compton from Boise,Idaho.
    Bruce Compton
    Thanks Brian. If Marty (what`s his last name) is on TB, could you give me his username and maybe I could converse with him and see some photos and the like.

    He is not a member of the board. Marty Green is his name.
    Bruce Compton
    Thanks Brian. What I meant was a name he goes by on TB.
    Sorry address is wbgeneral8@gmail.com
    I am interested in the car is there any way I can get a hold of you
    Niagara on the Lake Ontario canada
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