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Jan 7, 2004
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Dec 24, 1973 (Age: 44)
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A, A
General Manager, Food, Beer and Stuff

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eggs are liquid chicken, 44, from A, A

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Feb 13, 2018
    1. TR Custom Parts
      TR Custom Parts
      We'll be down at your restaurant tomorrow, Sunday May 18th, you going to be around? Look for my GN, a 33 bright yellow Dodge street rod, 69 Falcon, 69 Mustang Mach 1, 69 Chevelle SS and possibly an Olds 442 convertible. Hope you are around.
    2. charlief1
      You really need to change your homepage Dan. Happy birthday and post some pics of the hot waitress. :p
    3. stev6785
      Hey thanks Dan For Helpin Me With The Gn In Glastonbury.. I Bought It On Saturday. Put It the Road today And It Runs Great. But It Does Have That Oil Leak. Were You Serious About Sending Me That Line? It Would Be Greatly Appreciated.. Thanks Again.
    4. JDB
      Where can I find more information on your SVO mustang you are selling?

    5. Anarchy
      that honey badger video was so ''fn'' funny. omg i never laughed so hard me and my wife... great stuff man..
    6. gonemad87
      how u doing i own a 86 wh1 im having trouble with finding out the paint code do u know what the paint code is for the grey and black?
    7. notacarlo
      Go to

      You can see how this is being handled by people with some "free time"
    8. hunter99
      we talked with ebay, and they said they had no listing for the john monroe it was a scam. and ebay does not do transactions like that unless u bought it off there site.1 other site we found him on, where people wrote bout him. popular guy, huh.glad we saw your post, as our sale ha, was to take place tues.what do you do about people like this? how do they get caught? it's a real shame. hope they catch up with him. write back if can.. bill. sorry, had to make this 2 posts, as it was too long... just glad we saw your posts about him, before it was too late for us. thanks...
    9. hunter99
      hello. we don't know each other, but i thought u would find this interesting. we both google'd msgt.john q. monroe !we googled it b/c we were seeing red flags about him, and almost scammed into buying a polaris ranger.he wrote us the same he did you, and no contact no. just a fax number, and the whole ebay thing also. when we asked for the ebay agent's number to call, before we sent our money, john was history. never heard back from him. he has adds on "", under north nj, for polaris rangers. there are 5 adds on that listing, and they are all polaris so we decided to do as u did, and wrote about another one, with our other email address. It seems john has several names, as this name came up, with the same scenerio. msgt robert q.burgart, air national guard, mcguire,nj. different email also. we reported it to backpage, but not even sure if it's a legit site. we talked with ebay, and they said they had no listing for the john monroe it was a scam
    10. omar escamilla
      omar escamilla
      :confused:from maual boost controller to wastegate then tees off to turbo, second line from boost controller to top of wastegate.swapped lines from wastegate top to bottom vice versa no change.
    11. boogeyman
      hi dan im josh im a turbo ford guy, i was wondering if u can shed some light on if a 4 bolt t-3 turbine housing will work ona stock GN turbo ?
    12. dhauser
      Can you email me more pics of the car please. I've always loved these cars and those seats are killer comfortable to me. Email pics to: along with your contact information. Thanks. Doug
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    Dec 24, 1973 (Age: 44)
    Home Page:
    A, A
    General Manager, Food, Beer and Stuff
    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone....I couldn't have done it without you. Working for a racing team that takes me all over the friggin globe. I enjoy my daughters's better than therapy. Out of the cooking world for a while.

    Daughter The Big Lebowski, The Big Blue, The Matador, Léon 80's Stuff, 90's Stuff "I was doing fine until about mid corner when I ran out of talent."


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    All electronics operate on the principal of smoke. When the smoke comes out, the electronics no longer work.

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