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  • Good evening James. Do you have a rust free good condition hood for an 86 TType? Thanks
    heya James Howie here could you shoot me a text lost a lot of numbers on my last phone debacle also needing some parts thanks again
    Are you just going to ignore me while you still collect money from people on here. I have been waiting for about a month no for just one reply to let me know when or if you are sending me my parts I so happily paid for. I see you on the forums so please let me know what is going on. You answered every message before I sent the money now you are MIA. So what's the deal sir
    I just saw in the parts wanted section that you have a very nice center console for GN, if it comes with the shifter plate and you would ship to new York, I would take it for 250$. Let me know.
    James is the man when it comes to being honest, and he has a lot of integrity .
    I endorse him 100 percent. I purchased a complete rear end housing from him. His prices are reasonable
    and he was very personable.
    if you are looking for parts go to james he has what you need and will go out of his way to make sure you are happy when you leave
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