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  • Hello,Can you please call me @ 1-516-527-4114,I'd like to talk to you in person about your power master to Hydroboost conversion which is awesome by the way.Thanks in advance TommyGN
    Keith, remeber me I lived in Ankey, had the 87 GN . Moved to southern Illinois a couple yrs ago. Am having health issues and am going to sell my GN if you know of anyone in your area looking for one . Thanks Doug
    Hey man I just checked the FedEx website and plugged in the info I have for the box it has to be shipped in and the shipping cost would be...$48.52. The box is pretty big 65 inch X 21 inches X 6 inches and weighs 13 pounds.

    I am in Des Moines too. Your car looks great, did you do everything yourself? I am wondering how to start my rebuild, and would love some tips.

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