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  • thanks for realising that i would have never just said those kind of things and i was obviously provoked i am here strictly for the purpose of information and not to argue with people thank you and i over looked that this was a suspension question thanks again - pisano
    My name is jim, and I am a new member of Turbo Buick .com.
    I am presently unemployed and I need to sell my Buicks (84 T,85 GN,86 T)
    I was hoping that you would be able help me do this the best way .
    Thanks in advance,
    Hi Herb,
    Finally back in town! Had lunch with Dennis O. today and he told me about the Hooters event coming up on 11/8 I believe (with the Syclone/Typhoon club inviting us). I might try to make it out there.

    Also, finally got to update the .ORG homepage with a more prominent placement and plug for the Fortunate 547 forum (as well as condolences to Molly's family which is a real shame).

    Anyway, let me know what you think of the updates. I will have LOTS more car data updates as well-- just gotta get them in when I have more time.

    Take care for now,
    Hi Herb,

    The mufflers look right, but his cat to mufflers is definitely NOT GNX. I have mine out right now, I am buffing them to put them back in 305. The feed from the CAT is asymmetrical and the ones he has are definitely symmetrical. Mufflers back may be right but not the rest of it..

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