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  • Hey Vince! I'm south of you...below Quakertown and near Doylestown.
    My 79 has been off the road for years, but in its time it ran great.... floor it, count to two, and it would pull like a freight train! I miss it. Mid-range power was awesome, but the stock turbo would limit hi rpm breathing. I'd run about 15 lbs on the street with water injection. Sometimes it would ping in third gear.
    I plan to build it a bit milder this time, but build it smarter! I'll be using a milder cam, and adding the MSD boost timing control. goal is to make a great street car.
    Eventually, I may upgrade to a blow-thu system for more HP.
    I also have a couple of old 65-66 GS's I'm restoring to keep me busy.
    W... Where in PA do you live?? I live in Bushkill, PA, Poconos..I see you have a 79 turbo..Thats the year of the setup I am going to put on my 83 Regal.. How does that car run ? is it strong?? vince
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