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  1. Team Banana

    Xfi and xim for sale

    Figured I might have more luck in here selling these. $1,600 got both.
  2. Team Banana

    317 heads done right 4 sale

    I have a set of 317 heads for sale They have been cnc ported, 2.02 stainless intake, 1.59 inconel ex, Brian Tooley spring kit with titanium retainers, milled and ready to bolt on. .660 max lift. $1,500 obo
  3. Team Banana

    8 Fast 95lb injectors for sale

  4. Team Banana

    Need some votes!! Final Round

    Made it to the finals!! Let's make sure the Buick wins. Final round and voting closes tomorrow
  5. Team Banana

    Need some votes please!!

    Rpm Transmissions is have a contest for the sexiest car with an rpm trans. We made it to the semi's with our Buick. I want to make sure a Buick wins even if it's LS powered. There is no prize. It's just for fun but let's make sure the Buick wins please. Here is a link. please like and share...
  6. Team Banana

    Can a somebody remove lsx spammer?

    Got a spammer in the lsx section. One post wonder in there
  7. Team Banana

    Congrats DDay!!

    Congrats on your win and breaking into the nines!!!
  8. Team Banana

    Anybody in Indianapolis for this weekend?

    Indianapolis is flooded with street cars this weekend. They are having a car show at Rpm Transmissions today. Racing from 10-6 at Muncie dragway tomorrow. Any Buick guy's going?
  9. Team Banana

    Team Banana's Twin Turbo LS Gbody

    We have been working on this project for a year now. Hoping to have I finished and on the dyno in the next few months. I am not a professional but have done all work myself so far. I am getting ready to have the cold side finished by someone else. We are looking to run LSX True Street or NMCA...
  10. Team Banana

    2013 Shari Bonecutter Midwest Buick Challenge

    Who all is going? Aug. 23-25 We are going up Friday night racing Saturday. I'd like to get enough cars to run this class. So far I know of 6-8 cars if everybody shows.
  11. Team Banana

    Big Thanks Bobby Buick

    Bobby called me on the way to the BPG yesterday and said that the race was a rainout. We were only 20 miles from home. You Saved us at least $150 in fuel. I guess I need to get a facebook account to get race info. :( Again Big Thanks!!!!!! Team Banana
  12. Team Banana

    XFI Help please

    Having trouble with a xfi I bought used. The car runs good but has target air/fuel has three red zero's on the dashboard. It show's the actual A/F and is correcting. Anybody know why the target is showing zero? Thanks in advance Ronnie
  13. Team Banana

    Norwalk who all is going?

    Anybody here know they are going for sure?
  14. Team Banana

    Need a price on S&W m&p 15

    I am not a gun guy and I got a guy trying to trade me a smith&wesson model M&P15 for a tool box. The gun is couple months old and never been shot. I am asking $1000 for my tool box. My question is can I make money and how much? I have a bunch of locals wanting it and even offered to pick it up...
  15. Team Banana

    Congrats Clay and John!!!!

    Congrats Clay Wilmont winner and John Snyder runner up at the GS Nationals. Hope everybody made it home safe and see you guy's next year.
  16. Team Banana

    MWBC Roll Call

    So who all is going? I Know of us and a couple others.
  17. Team Banana

    TSO Video from Norwalk

    Sorry this is only video we got and it is the finals.
  18. Team Banana

    THS Videos from Noralk Buick Raceday 2012

    A couple of videos from Norwalk Buick Race Day 2012 Tim LeMay took Sorry about the quality and rain stopped the race after these
  19. Team Banana

    Norwalk TSM Video

    A couple of videos from Norwalk Buick Race Day 2012 Tim LeMay took
  20. Team Banana

    THS Roll call for norwalk

    We are taking one car maybe two. Who else?