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  1. Phoneguy

    Need help pricing

    Where in Missouri ? Hows the paint? Hard to see with the dust ... Bryan
  2. Phoneguy

    Deceased Members RIP Buick Brothers

    I didn't want to point that out, it is a great gesture. @SGRIM can you make this happen ? Bryan
  3. Phoneguy

    How does this mod work? Is it worth it?

    I think I would fire it up every morning at 6 just to get under her skin... :) Bryan
  4. Phoneguy

    Building a 3.8 Vs Buying One

    I just bought an RPE girdled stroker shortblock from a member here that is going Stage II. There are deals out there , just have to be patient. I didnt need it but ...I now have a spare for less than I could have bought the parts. .020 over Diamond pistons, 2 billet center caps, girdle, cam ...
  5. Phoneguy

    2019 Nationals May 23rd - 25th hotel information

    Hopefully the Casa de Broughton isnt booked.... :) Bryan
  6. Phoneguy

    Fastest Pump Gas / Alky Cars (updated 10.07.18)

    I finally made a 9 second pass!!! 9.842 @ 137.85 , 27 psi , 5 psi foot brake launch at 3000 rpms on the 2 step. Im pretty happy with the way the car is running , its been a very long road for me.... Bryan
  7. Phoneguy

    Buick Grand National repair manuals

    Hey i would love to come out that way some time ! Your time is not bad , anything can happen racing...its not always the fastest car that wins in any class. I dont remember what I qualified with in 2016 before the rain hit but the track was greasy as hell... I made 1 quarter mile pass that year...
  8. Phoneguy

    Buick Grand National repair manuals

    I added the link to my signature so I don't have to search for it anymore... :) I can't take credit for the manual though.
  9. Phoneguy

    Buick Grand National repair manuals Try this Bryan
  10. Phoneguy

    Any Conceal Carry Guys here and your favorite carry

    1. Springfield XDS 45 with Overwatch Precision BRZ trigger 2. Springfield XD Mod 2 9mm 3. Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Performance Center 9mm 4. Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard .380 with Crimson Trace green laser #4 is always on me , 1 through 3 are rotated as my primary carry. Bryan
  11. Phoneguy

    Buying my 1st grand national

    He's from NY but lives in NC , he is a very good friend and known by many including the owner of this board ...very stand up person. Bryan
  12. Phoneguy

    Buying my 1st grand national

    My friend Ron Bailey has a couple for sale, he doesn't deal with junk cars , very much a stand up guy. He said to call him, he can't log in for some reason since he's at work. (315) 783-3669 He ships cars all over the country. Bryan
  13. Phoneguy

    Please keep Nick Micale in your thoughts and prayers

    Hang in there Nick !!! Bryan
  14. Phoneguy

    Buying my 1st grand national

    @SPOOLFOOL2 Can you point him to anyone in his area to assist ? Bryan
  15. Phoneguy

    Site is terrible

    Hey grumps...are you coming to the event in NC ? Hope to see you and your wife again. Bryan
  16. Phoneguy

    All Time Quickest 109 Stock Block ETs

    Well I figured that out of your car ...
  17. Phoneguy

    All Time Quickest 109 Stock Block ETs

    Is there a thread showing what turbos were used when the list was made ? One of these days I hope to get my car on the list Bryan
  18. Phoneguy

    Rule Clarification,please...

    Truly sorry that you had to endure speaking with JD , my condolences to your ears ... Bryan
  19. Phoneguy

    2018 THS Rules

    This should be a good race . I went 6.22 @112.6 on 27.5 psi with a 5 psi foot brake launch at 2900 rpms , weighing 3765 ... Trying to track down the cause of my issues now.... See you in May Bryan