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    Missing/popping @ 14lbs boost

    Its popping at 14 psi right? That's stock boost level. What boost does it normally run? Did you ever check fuel pressure while running it under load and see it rise with boost?
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    Alternator charging

    why would they do that or want less voltage? I think the answer is something else other than "they have circuity for that"
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    Shipping a pallet link?

    My father has been in trucking management for 45 years. It makes all the difference in the world where it's going as far as cost. It's supply and demand. Lots of freight going places makes the trucks fill up so they can charge more to go somewhere popular. When they are hungry for work it's...
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    Alternator charging

    Well, that's that. Just throw on stock size pullies and it should be gtg
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    Alternator charging

    By chance does have underdrive pulley? Does voltage change at all when rpm is raised ?
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    No Power Assist on Steering

    I rewatched the video from earlier and something is troubling me. I'm not sure we are on the same page as far as pressure line etc. In video I'm not sure what I'm seeing and hearing. I can try on a bigger screen and check back later.
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    No Power Assist on Steering

    I work on hydraulic pumps often and it sounds bogus to me. Air bubbles alone should not be able to lock the valve. unless it has dirt or grit in it or other foreign material. I'm still in the wrong direction camp.
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    No Power Assist on Steering

    Since the pulley runs opposite crankshaft rotation that makes it turn counter clockwise when running. (Viewed from front bumper) So, when the belt is off with pressure hose off, do you get oil flow manually turning pulley? Sorry if you know this but just to make sure. (There can be a ton of...
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    Mark Hueffman's 3" Downpipe with TurboSmart external gate

    If you block it off she'll make ALL the boost! I'm not sure what you mean.
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    Noticable Oil consumption

    If the other 5 plugs look good, I'd pull the valve cover on the bad side and have a look at those valve stem seals first. This is assuming it has a good head gasket still and no other damage.
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    Vehicle speed reading wrong on scan master

    It seems that pacecarta and Bob are both right. If your cluster is right the adapter would seem to be installed. Bob is saying only the scan master is wrong which requires a different lockup mph for the chip to work due to it being fooled. Lastly the scan master will remain incorrect due to...
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    Noticable Oil consumption

    I don't see new pistons in the list. If the cylinders walls aren't perfect even new rings will not seal perfectly. What kind of honing was done to the cylinders?
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    DeatschWerks DW300 Double Pumper Fail??

    Wow it sure looks like mud or clay. If so it's got to be sabotage.
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    A little help please

    There is more than one case where a spider makes a web in an important passageway somewhere in a car and turns on the check engine light. I also have one that clogs the side burner of my gas grill serveral times a season. Burner lights but flame is weak and smokey. Pull the burner and blow it...
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    A little help please

    If they added a clamp or tie wrap to retain it would have been a worthwhile "expense" haha
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    Cometic MLS vs factory steel shim head gaskets

    When head is tightened there is very high clamp load squeezing the gasket. The clamp load is what holds the cylinder pressure. Pinging and or detonation is what lifts the head kills the clamp load and blows out the gasket. Holding the coolant is done with the sealers. Cometic applied viton...
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    torquue specks

    Tighten it till it gets loose again. Then back off a quarter turn.
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    melted coil while key on engine off position.

    What melted? The inside of the module?
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    No Power Assist on Steering

    Yes I think I see that in the vid. Seems its boxed wrong. Glad I could help figure it out.
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    No Power Assist on Steering

    Take off the belt and pressure line from the pump. Turn it by hand. Fluid should flow from pressure port when turned the propper way. That will tell you if they boxed it wrong.