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    4.3L Vortec Block Limits

    Motor is back in the truck and it is running (still on jack stands). However BOTH head gaskets are seeping a little coolant. I can't win with this thing. I should have used the SCE Titan gaskets instead of the Pros with copper coat. Round number who knows now.
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    4.3L Vortec Block Limits

    Got one on the engine stand right now. Can't seem to find time to work on it due to work and travel. When I do get it it back together should be a fun summer. Bob
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    So what did your TR run bone stock?

    Bone stock with 200,000 miles (1/4 Mile 14.35 @ 95 MPH Bob
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    TTA heads lifting?

    Sir, Contact Fastair6 here on this site he can answer all of your questions on lifting heads on a TTA. He might even have some ported heads and studs left over from his previous builds. Thanks, Bob
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    4.3L Vortec Block Limits

    Yep, It has caps already on it. Short block is ready to be put together. Just using it right now to mock up the Alum heads and Intake combo. Once that is complete. Give it a bath and put it together. Version 2.0 for the Lunch Money Syclone. Bob
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    4.3L Vortec Block Limits

    I have one in the shop right now and doing the mock up on it. I was keeping it for another project. Should be a fun Spring if every thing works out right. Bob
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    4.3L Vortec Block Limits

    Block will split about 750 if it is not filled/hard blocked as I just found out. Time to put the Bowtie setup in. Bob
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    Saved my Pennies , Looking for a Syclone

    Butch2000, Pm me your number if you would like to talk about what it takes to make a quick Street Syclone. I should be able to give you some hard lessons learned once I know what your goals are. One more thing when you find a Truck make sure that you have plenty of Jack stands around :)...
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    Saved my Pennies , Looking for a Syclone

    Sir, Shoot me your contact number and I will give you a call. I have one and in the process of putting motor back in it. Once completed it will be up for sale. I might be able to help you find one but not sure on/at what stage you are looking for. I don't get on here much but I will check...
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    4.3L Vortec Block Limits

    Stock crank, good crank alot of money. All billet main caps. Stock/modded intercooler have an air to air not sure if I want to install it. 64/66 Gen 2 PTE Turbo with a buick flange and downpipe/external gate. Thinking about using turbo on my Buick and detune truck as it is a real PITA to...
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    4.3L Vortec Block Limits

    Don,t know what kind of power they will take as I have yet to find out. But I will tell you at over 30 lbs of boost the crank will flex and tighten up the mains and knock out billet main caps out of the block. I am still waiting to put motor back toghter for round two, Bob
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    TA 6466

    Sir, Can't say on a Buick 231 but I do have on a 9.1 265 CI Syclone motor with 3000 stall. Turbo is a little different (S cover 63). Spools fast but you will have to do something about boost management.
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    4.3L to hold 400+ hp on a budget

    Dallas send/PM me your contact information and I might be able to help. Also surf the SY/TY Site they have a lot of information over there. Bob
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    Stock Pushrod length

    8.684 I do believe. Thanks, Bob
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    Just bought a syclone!

    Blake, Did you get jack stands with the truck? Mine seems to always be on them. LOL Congrats on the buy. Thanks, Bob
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    block id

    Sir, I would also be interested in the block with no o-rings. Sorry about your loss and hopefully you and your Uncle had a chance to work on the Buick together. PM me when you want to sell. Thanks, Bob
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    Busted TTA Head

    Fastair6, That would be good because we know that ALL of your parts are stock on that street car of yours. stock stock stock!!!! Bob
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    Busted TTA Head

    All, Does anyone have a busted/junk TTA Head. Casting number 702 or 3030 not the 515. I would like to cut it apart and see how thick it is in some areas. I am working on a set of heads for Fastair6 and would like to try something. Thanks, Bob
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    need help tuning!

    Sir, PM me your contact number and I will pass it along to a few guys in your area. Thanks, Bob
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    Ported intake

    Sir, Stock intake will out flow the heads. BUT!!! it can be worked on to help direct the air thru the runner of the head. Bob