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  1. ncgreg231

    Garage picnics?

    Bondurant (des moines)... i met 2 local guys when i sold my T-type...
  2. ncgreg231

    Garage picnics?

    i am pretty well tied down to iowa at the present moment, but are there any picnics envisioned in the not-to-distant future?
  3. ncgreg231


    Hi Clint! I want to say we've met, but that would have been @10+ years ago at this point...(Lake Jordan Picnic? event at Charlotte?)...AND...its a long shot for me at this point, but i will be keeping an eye on this thread...
  4. ncgreg231

    if you haven't done so already, purchase a "high pressure transmission pump regulator"...i've...

    if you haven't done so already, purchase a "high pressure transmission pump regulator"...i've seen where you only get the "valve" (about 2 inches long...) or the whole valve train (valve, spring, a new bushing...) ah... i'll give you a call instead!
  5. ncgreg231

    still journeying along my unique life's path...

    still journeying along my unique life's path...
  6. ncgreg231

    Welcome Mr. Clark!

    i can't say i know Richard very well at all, but i have to say he is A LOT more than just an electronics engineer...
  7. ncgreg231

    Chicago question

    Update - unconfirmed report that this T-Type is undergoing some form of restoration? (I'm just happy to hear the car is doing okay)
  8. ncgreg231

    Original Oil filter's??

    Well, I guess we can thank Jan Larsson for resurrecting this old posting? (I was wondering why this REALLY old thread reappeared in my "watched threads" list...)
  9. ncgreg231

    The prodigal N. Carolinian

    UPDATE! Hmm, since 2008? Let's see, I left USS Ramage in Feb 2009, went for a little more Navy training in San Diego, and then I spent a year in Japan! I got remarried in July 2011, discharged from the Navy in August and ended up in Des Moines Iowa. Slacked off for a while, worked for the Des...
  10. ncgreg231

    Chicago question

    Recent information has come to me that my previously owned T-Type has been purchased by someone in the Chicago area. (the car was for sale in Des Moines, Iowa) I had the priviledge of owning that car from December 1993 to October 2013. Not sure if I will ever get the chance to own that car...
  11. ncgreg231

    86 T-Type 4sale/Des Moines, IA!

    Yeah, after that Saturday, the "balance" has swung back in favor of keeping the car. I don't think my wife had seen how nice a buick in good condition can look, but after seeing your car and Keith's car, she began to try and convince me not to sell the car, which of course, was not hard to do!
  12. ncgreg231

    86 T-Type 4sale/Des Moines, IA!

    My apologies to the Mods b/c this is more of a hello than a "for sale" posting... yes, hello to Keith & Mark, and anyone else that saw my posting on Des Moines craiglist! Well I suppose that's good enough for a thread start!
  13. ncgreg231

    I have a story you will never believe

    ah...the story continues... haven't checked in for a while, but very interesting story for sure. Thanks for continuing to share (although repeated comments probably account for part of it!)
  14. ncgreg231

    I have a story you will never believe

    Great Story! As for the sorry tale of a meth-head, it certainly is a sad story - all the more reason to be thankful that it is not YOUR story! (and you got a lot of the REALLY valuable stuff out already, anyway!) I bet the local news would love to feature the story...and I'm wondering...
  15. ncgreg231

    any police in Salisbury NC

    I was going to keep my mouth shut...but I changed my mind!:p $1800 is definitely worth it if you think the ex might try to kidnap your kid at some point in the next 12 years. Get a loan or ask for a payment plan if you think it is worth it. Even WITH full custody, that does not PHYSICALLY...
  16. ncgreg231

    Any LEO's in Clayton?

    For next time I'm not sure how they do things in Johnston County AND I'm pretty sure about the officer needing to be there for a trial...I know that Durham Police officers schedule court dates for traffic, but won't show up unless the defendant requests a trial, and then the officer is called...
  17. ncgreg231

    New (I hope) GN Owner - NC

    you're welcome!:D
  18. ncgreg231

    New (I hope) GN Owner - NC

  19. ncgreg231

    AutoFair - April 4

    I am not actually back in town YET! But soon...theoretically before April 4th (fingers & toes crossed!!!) Thanks for the directions!
  20. ncgreg231

    AutoFair - April 4

    5:30!:eek: So...I should leave Raleigh no later than 4:30 (if not even earlier...)...hmmm...that almost makes me wonder if driving down the night before would be better? :confused: Or maybe I will just come a little bit later in the day...(hmm, sorry, kinda thinking out loud here...) Any...