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    Engine run-in stand

    The gas can needs improvement , honestly it's getto but serves it's purpose.
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    Engine run-in stand
  4. Steve V

    Engine run-in stand

    I have posted several videos and picture on this forum as well as my youtube channel.
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    Resizing rods

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    Little Cosmetic Repairs

    Highway Stars and GBP may sell GM locks, otherwise you are looking at aftermarket locks(chinese).
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    Little Cosmetic Repairs

    I would look for another seat belt, my T did the same thing it will snap back on, but always comes off. You need a new door lock or get that one rebuilt if there's a kit available.
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    Canadian eh

    We who they are -LOL
  9. Steve V

    Canadian eh

    My guess is they charged your CC right away too.
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    Wide VS Narrow journal cranks

    Sometimes rods need machining on the sides(surface grinder) and sometimes rod bearings need chamfering(lathe with a fixture).
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    Measuring rotor depth

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    10 vane or not

    Here's one way to set rotor clearence, there are others.
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    10 vane or not

    I replied to your post on Facebook, but I will post here for those who do not do social media. 13 vein is week stay away, 10 vein is better and 7 vein is strongest. Most have gone back to 7 vein , the extras just smooth out the pulses they do nothing for volume or performance gain. The...
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    GN 1 Performance

    They are not paying vendors on this forum.
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    Removing weight from the governor

    Remove about .5 gram at a time from the outer most edge and sneak up on it.
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    serpentine belt squeal?

    625 is only for AC compressors with small pulley. 630/635/637 are all shorter and one of those 3 will work. Check it after a drive as it will stretch.
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    serpentine belt squeal?

    I take the time to show and explain, please like and subscribe-it compensates me for the effort:)
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    Hot Air Stroker

    Jack just dropped of his block, we had a really nice chat. I will get him fixed up and rolling in due time.
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    Hot Air Stroker

    Thanks Jerryl. We actually have chatted before. When I saw his post I figured I'd chime in. We texted this morning as well. He's bringing me his block tomorrow afternoon.
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    Using the honing machine

    LOL, yes it's old. I believe my Bridgeport is older than me. They work well glad to know how to use them.