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  1. nolaturbo

    KRISS Vector .45 acp gen 2 rifle for sale

    Looking to sale my Kriss Vector .45 acp gen2 rifle. Only shot 100 rds through it. Comes with folding gen1 stock and m4 collapsible stock. 3 30 rd mags and diamondhead folding sights. Comes with original hard case. I love this weapon but I’m trying to finish my GN! $1100 obo
  2. nolaturbo

    Vacuum brake kit

    Does RedT sale this kit anymore?
  3. nolaturbo

    door handle rod clip

    So it appears that the retaining clip on the door handle rod has come off. Does any body have picture on what one looks like? I searched old post and the pictures won't come up
  4. nolaturbo

    Tb and plenum

    Looking to get a tb and plenum so I can send off at a decent price
  5. nolaturbo

    Ac help

    ac has been working great but after I changed my plugs, wires and coil pack the ac has been making some strange sounds. It sounds as if the fan is getting stuck. I was kinda laying on the ac box. I mean I am 6'6"!
  6. nolaturbo

    Charcoal canister relocation bracket

    I'm looking for a charcoal canister replacement bracket if anyone is looking to get rid of one....tks
  7. nolaturbo

    scanmaster and ign slot

    I'm trying to install my scanmaster. They say to use one of the 3 ign locations in the fuse panal but what type of plug/spade goes there so i can have 12 volt? I've searched the site and all of the install links are now down. Don't know if its from the age of the post or what. Can anyone help me...