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  1. TTA81

    Air Lift 60733 with Eibach Pro-Kit Rear Lowering Springs?

    Has anyone used the Air Lift 60733 air bags in the Eibach lowering springs without issues? Is the 60733 for use in stock springs only? I need to eliminate some fender rubbing with my ET Streets on bumps and don't really want to roll the fenders unless I really have to as a last resort.
  2. TTA81

    *GN in a New Movie*

    I apologize if this has been posted already but it looks like a new movie will be coming out featuring a red 750 HP GN. Hope its better than F&F4! Here is the link and scroll down to the bottom and click on Behind the Scenes- "Frank's car":
  3. TTA81

    Gnx #358 $67k

    It's not mine and I don't know if this was previously posted but I saw this on Thought I would share. Sorry, don't know how to post a link. 17.5K miles. If I only had the $$...
  4. TTA81

    1981 Turbo T/A Nascar Pace Car

    1 of 2000, V8 301 4 bbl Turbo, White/black exterior needs some body work, Excellent red/black Recaro interior. Car is a daily driver so it is not perfect. $5700. If interested, Email or PM me. I am currently stationed in Korea and won't be back in the states (Eastern N.C.) until 14 Dec. Let...
  5. TTA81

    When I'm not driving the GN...

    I drive the T/A or the wifes GAGT...;) ;)
  6. TTA81

    Dodge Dakota R/T

    Not really a kill, but respect. The other night, me and my dad who was visiting from Florida decided to take the GN out. After cruising a bit, I hear a loud exhaust coming from my side and noticed it was a regular cab R/T that sounded real nice. He got beside me while I was doing about 35 in...
  7. TTA81

    Reactions since F&F4

    Ok, since F&F4 came out, how many of you out there have noticed being recognized more when driving the GN? I know for sure I have. For instance, when driving to work, I see people I don't know wave at me or give me a thumbs up. When I drive one of my other cars, I see the same people and...
  8. TTA81

    Need Pics of Shifter cable clip installed

    I purchased a new clip/spring from GM #00470779 for the shifter cable that is connected to the bracket on the tranny pan. I don't remember how it goes on. Could anyone take a pic of theirs for me so i can install it correctly. Thanks James
  9. TTA81

    Alky Red/Green light

    Razor or any one else, I hope you can help me. Just lately as I drive the GN around normally not in boost, I 've been noticing the light flicker intermittently red. Sometimes green but not as much as the red. And as it flickers, I hear a click it conjunction with the flicker. Is this a ground...
  10. TTA81

    Craigslist scam?

    I saw this ad and it obviously looked too good to be true. I emailed him to find out more. Here is his emails: "Hi, Thanks for taking a part of your time and visiting my ad 1996 CHEVROLET IMPALA SS. I sell it at this price ($4,800) due to a change in circumstances of health I have had...
  11. TTA81

    Help...No start!

    Two nights ago, I left work and decided to "exercise" the GN on the highway. Well as soon as I got off the on ramp, i primed the alky, hit it to about 1/2 throttle when all of a sudden the car sounded like it backfired, started sputtering and died:mad: . I was able to turn onto a side road to...
  12. TTA81

    WTB/WTT Tial 50mm BOV Spring

    I am looking for a 9 psi (white) spring for my BOV. I currently have an 11 psi (unpainted) in the BOV now that doesn't work well with my combo. I'm willing to buy outright or possibly trade springs. James
  13. TTA81

    January 10 Meet Pics- Uno Chicago Grill

    Hi everyone, It was great to meet a lot of you. Me and my family really enjoyed being there. Hope to see everyone again soon. Here are pics that I took. James
  14. TTA81

    Corvette and Celica

    First of all, I don’t condone street racing but sometimes you have to put certain people in their place. Since I got the GN back from KDK Performance about a year ago, I finally got my first double kill Friday night after taking the wife and kids (2 and 7 y/o girls) to dinner. So afterwards...
  15. TTA81

    GBody Parts T Top kit ??

    I recently started replacing all the ttop weatherstrip and ttop trim pieces (rusted) with the ttop kit from Gbody. Has anyone installed these trim pieces? It seems as if the center trim piece which has the metal strip (the ttops slide under this) needs to be riveted. Does anyone know if this...
  16. TTA81

    How do you sell a car to an out of state buyer?

    I have a potential buyer in Texas for my 81 TTA and I live in North Carolina. My TTA is registerd in Florida because I am in the military. I sent him details and pics of the car and he wants to buy it sight unseen. He has offered to have the car shipped to him and to send half of what I want for...
  17. TTA81

    Need Carfax Please

    VIN number 1G5FW217XKL235272 Please email to Thanks
  18. TTA81

    Transmission Problem

    First of all, my transmission was removed/installed by Kevin King at KDK Performance in Orlando and built by Vince Janis with all billet parts to include a Vigilante 5 disc lock up converter (converter was in my GN for a couple years and Kevin sent it back to Precision to have it checked...
  19. TTA81

    IAC Problem

    Does the IAC Reset Procedure on refer to engines that are stock, modified or both? The problem I have is that at park/idle, closed loop, engine at normal oper temp, the IAC count is at 00. The TPS is at .42 / 4.8 WOT. If I put it in gear, the IAC will go to about 05 then drop to...
  20. TTA81

    Rough idle, running rich and Code 44

    My GN has been running great in the past until about a week ago. It has developed a rough idle (whether at startup or warmed up), runs really rich (burns your eyes), and threw a code 44 while at idle for the first five minutes. The car will also cutoff when put in gear. Here are my Scanmaster...
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