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    GNX numbered book for sale with original window sticker

    kirban 2 cents worth While some may feel the $2500 price tag is high wait a few years and see what it is I just read of a fraud case where a person paid 25 grand for the paperwork of an original 396 chevelle to go with his fake to pass it off as the real deal...25 grand for paper work. or how...
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    Questions on selling car to someone in Illinois

    kirban 2 cents worth since I got experience in this regard.... One thing that is not constant is titles in every state and it should be heck lein releases in NY actually look like a car title and can fool a buyer unless they changed it form years ago. Best to call that state DMV car needs to...
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    Here is an interesting "true" story" More exact detail sin my weekly Inner Circle that many of you subscribe to. It also has photos of this. As many of you know we sold over 325 Turbo Regals. A few weeks back I got a call from a GN owner in Louisiana. He purchase about 3 years earlier from...
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    As the title states: Our annual Spring Open house for 2019 is May 4th Saturday rain or shine as it has no rain date. Unlike previous years I had to move it to May as our landlord is making improvements to the inside of the building. He is doing the work himself on the weekends. This will be...
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    Blk GN Body Side Molding

    kirban more 2 cents worth our part number is 6793 price is $45 if you type in molding under search it comes up. again its been a good seller maybe handful of experts can tell it is not the real stuff...
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    Blk GN Body Side Molding

    kirban 2 cents worth we carry it and its in stock same molding we been selli g for years even comes with illustration and specs where it goes its 99 per cent looking like thee original I don't know our part number off the top of my head call office christina knows it...
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    As many readers of this forum know we have sold over 325 of the 1986-1987 Tubro Regals plus a handful of GNXs mostly during the 1990s and early 2000 time frame. In many cases I have copies of paperwork for almost all these cars in some cases copies of the window sticker photos and even...
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    T top Water leaks

    Kirban 2 cents worth A topic I know a little are some tips: Be sure you have a trunk brace kit installed as that tightens up the body also dorp in the missing 4 or 6 lower body bushings....and do the front braces under the front end. Ford was smart enough to eliminate t tops in...
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    G Body Parts Brake Pedal Conversion Kit

    kirban 2 cents worth not only is the pin a different diameter but it is located in a slightly different spot on the pedal in order to make the switch from the powermaster to the vacuum format. G bodys kit gives you that option problem is people that have those pedals example on ebay etc know...
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    Email me about these holders you make thanz
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    Kirban upgraded H4 headlights (4) kit w/harness

    kirban 2 cents worth Headlites look close to original in every regard they are glass takes pop in bulbs easy to replace nothing complicated about it we sell it to monte carlo vendors same product for probably 4 or 5 years now. all plug and play re=read posts it was tested originally on my...
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    rear view mirror map lights-option or add on

    kirban 2 cents worth I know the correct answer is there a prize? One post above is correct kirban (me) sells them something Buick should have put int he T-Top cars. Ones we sell I clean and install led lites and mirrors are like mint plus actual shape is close to the orignal I get them out of...
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    RockAuto 9 Piece Trunk Kit

    kirban 2 cents worth I can't knock whatever Rock Auto is selling we been selling our 2 versions for maybe 6 years or longer in black or grey 9 piece format grey being dead on match to the GM optional 9 piece kit. Black being another option we offer. Point is the grey is a dead natch to what GM...
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    mecum kissimmee update many grand nationals there

    I see most had t tops some had vacuum brakes and spotted some of my parts on some of them Florida is a hot bed for GNs we have a number of customer in that state. Big advantage is you can enjoy the car all year round....long as the AC works!
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    GNX dash, Vigilante torques, tach

    kirban 2 cents worth in the early days avc gnx style dash was the hot ticket and only option originally company was quality engineering ti they changed their name...I had their two top guys come to my one event at the airbase and they did installs of there dashes both days knocked them rite...
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    All chrome GNX style wheels

    kirban 2 cents worth I have a lot of experience with chrome wheels back when we did the very lst gto ralley wheels besides doing various sizes we also did all chrome examples. again had them done prior to assembly and only in the wide sizes 15 by 7 and 15 by 8 what was nice is the 65 ralley...
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    Two things been bothering me - bogs a bit and under hood light setup

    kirban 2 cents worth looking at your question I think you are darn lucky only 2 things bug you about your turbo regal....I think f you put the question out there to the masses you would find other owners have far more issues than the 2 you mention. not trying to make lite of your...
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    Paging the Grass Doctor - lawn questions please

    kirban 2 cents worth like many home owners.....having a nice lawn is next to impossible to achieve without a lot of effort, luck, and rain. Weeds almost without fail always win out they can grow between cracks in your driveway even if you run over them every day. Dandelions each puff they make...
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    STOLEN 87 GN Astroroof Warminster PA 1G4GJ1174HP451458

    I was not near a computer most of today and only found out about it just prior to my weekly inner circle going out. My thinking is for someone to take such a major risk the thieves plan to revin the car but who knows. The only door broken was the door where the GN was sitting. According to Mike...
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    Brake problem in my GN

    kirban 2 cents worth brake options is a very popular product for us motor runs alot you wil burn it up....we are behind in getting them units rebuilt next best thing is vacuum brake kit as suggested which we carry as it involves changing out the brake pedal as well. Hydroboost is another...
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