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  1. J

    A few questions about Hooker Headers

    I ran these on a stock rebuild once, worst decision I ever made. Car was an absolute turd. Replaced them with the postons headers and viola, car felt like it gained 1000hp lol
  2. J

    Blacky's the man

    Great communicator and honest as can be! All speed bumps ironed out professionally and effectively. Lightning quick shipper , sub-zero temps will not slow him down. Would def buy from him again.
  3. J

    ISO Heater/coolant pipe

    Anybody got one of these doohickeys with or without nipples ?Need to mod one to cool my ching Chang spinny thang.
  4. J

    #109 long block

    :unsure:Thats alot of 0's. Do u even Buick bruh?
  5. J

    Brackets, Built 4.1 shortblock +++

    What happened ls1 swap? Just curious why the switch out on the 4.1?
  6. J

    Some Odds & Ends !!

    Pm sent
  7. J

    19” GNX wheels

    Those look incredible. What size is the rear tire? Curious how the traction is with a tire size like that
  8. J

    Turbo oil drain line

    Count me in for one
  9. J

    **NEW** GM Front Timing Cover 14 Bolt with **NEW** GM Water Pump (Modified)

    Thanks for the input Merry Christmas!
  10. J

    **NEW** GM Front Timing Cover 14 Bolt with **NEW** GM Water Pump (Modified)

    Will the 16 bolt pan seal up with a front cover from a 3.8 even though a couple of the holes in the bottom of the cover won't have bolts threaded into them?
  11. J

    Kenne bell ram air

  12. J

    **NEW** Stainless Chrome Powder Coated Coolant Lines

    Second in line,did this sell?
  13. J

    #480 coming up for sale...

    Wow just wow this is amazing. Def worth every penny. I'm so thankful you gave us first dibs, it be ashamed to see it at an auction. If i only cashed my gn in on that damn Bitcoin years ago I'd be at the front of the line lol for that ~Starts GoFundMe for GNX
  14. J

    4.1 deep sump oil pan & pick-up tube

    Just seen it's for a 20bolt block won't work I've got 14
  15. J

    4.1 deep sump oil pan & pick-up tube

    Cool u know what the capacity increase would be if I were to run that? Also what pickup tube would be required...
  16. J

    4.1 deep sump oil pan & pick-up tube

    Hi I am putting together 291 block, anyone have these items? Otherwise I might modify the stock oil pan by adding the baffle plate the 3.8 pan has...
  17. J

    "Cruise" main character drives a GN

    Though this might interest some of you guys.Independent film only playing in 10 cities httpss://
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