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  1. V6sleeper

    Ta performance kenne bell air dam

    Ram air systems don't work well on turbo cars because its the turbo that does the actual ramming , so everything else leading up to the turbo is more or less a restriction , the only benefit is it may pull up some cold air but its being compressed and heated up by the turbo anyway. as for the...
  2. V6sleeper

    men's guide to women

    Lol you remember correct, i stopped dating women younger then my Buick ,its bad for my health and pocket..
  3. V6sleeper

    men's guide to women

    Fantastic! 100% true..
  4. V6sleeper

    so you wanna cut some grass

    See now i thought the "Grass Doctor " meant something else;)
  5. V6sleeper

    Cas v2, Esp fm, and more

    Pm'd you back
  6. V6sleeper

    boost HP ?

    Yes i did, the te44 is long gone tho, but i did use alky to achieve 27 and even 30psi at one point with that turbo before it runs out of steam around 440 wheel hp..and note my care was tuned well. dont run that high without a good tuner..
  7. V6sleeper

    Cas v2, Esp fm, and more

    .....more pics
  8. V6sleeper

    Cas v2, Esp fm, and more

    can bring to Kirbans on 5-4 1. Cas v2 with powder coated black 3" pipes $680 2. Eastern Performance front mount silver 2.5" pipes $400 3. Gn1 72mm plenum polished with t6 logo $175 4. rjc motor brace $50 5. rjc man boost controller $40 6. up pipes- stock $40, chrome $65 drilled for alky, 3"...
  9. V6sleeper

    boost HP ?

    What boost are you running? you may have what your looking for left in that turbo, i went real fast with a te44 years ago, its a different turbo at 27# then it is at 18# run it out it will feel like there's 2 of them
  10. V6sleeper

    GSXTRA Collection

    Pm sent
  11. V6sleeper

    Upgrade from TA49?

    Yes thats a great overlooked turbo, everyone is quick to jump to a pte6262 and not even consider this.
  12. V6sleeper

    Turbo buick parts

    Wasnt selling any heads
  13. V6sleeper

    Turbo buick parts

    Pms answered
  14. V6sleeper

    Turbo buick parts

    1st pic its on the left 3rd pic its side by side to a stock
  15. V6sleeper

    Turbo buick parts I can bring anything to Kirbans if interested
  16. V6sleeper

    Long Island / Westchester- Belmont Show

    Yes we are doing belmont 9am about 20 of us , also heard its going to be the last one ever,they are building the stadium and some kind of mall in that spot so all other future dates are now cancelled , we are doing Kirbans also i think its May 4th
  17. V6sleeper

    To use an RJC power plate or not

    My only experience with the plate is i was able to run 3 more psi 26-29 without kr so it did work in that aspect spraying lots of alki, as far as power it didn't make anymore at 26 with or without. this was with the Pte plenum/plate version. So maybe it should be called the "rjc even flow plate"
  18. V6sleeper

    S.L.I.C. upgrade!

    Not going to see much of a gain at 17psi on any cooler all the magic happens over 24#s ;)
  19. V6sleeper

    Track rental

    Our next rental is April 26th then another in June and one in the fall , check Empire muscle Cars on Facebook.
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