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  1. TType85

    power seat track

    The 86 power seat track has 1 motor and a "transmission" that controls the movement. The 87 track has 3 motors, it is a much better design. On my 86 I swapped the 87 track on it and it worked fine. I don't recall the tracks being all that different (wide/thin) (picture stolen from another...
  2. TType85

    gofstbuick? smog-related, but fringe & almost off-topic ...

    RPO sticker. NN5 looks like it is there.
  3. TType85

    gofstbuick? smog-related, but fringe & almost off-topic ...

    The board section title also has Jim Testa listed for east coast. That's a name I haven't heard much since the Buick IRC chat channel.... Joe was a awesome resource for dealing with these cars and smog; hopefully he will be back and chime in.
  4. TType85

    gofstbuick? smog-related, but fringe & almost off-topic ...

    No, but I have no reason to not believe the original owner. She bought the car in her early 70s and only sold it because she could not drive anymore after owning it nearly 14 years. All the documentation from the car, oil changes, warranty work, etc from the first oil change was from a local...
  5. TType85

    gofstbuick? smog-related, but fringe & almost off-topic ...

    The car was purchased from a dealer in so-cal new. I was the 2nd owner, the lady I bought it off of went in to a nursing home so she had to sell it. (it had about 50K miles on it) I wish the sticker on fan shroud was clearer but I am 95% sure it said California for the emissions. That may be...
  6. TType85

    gofstbuick? smog-related, but fringe & almost off-topic ...

    2002 is when I did it. The borrowed chip was a stock one from a CA Emissions 86 Turbo Buick. I didn't recall that the stock chip could be erased. It has been MANY years since I burned a chip. I wish I had some detailed pics from my 85 when it was stock. It was an original CA car and should...
  7. TType85

    gofstbuick? smog-related, but fringe & almost off-topic ...

    I am going by what gofstbuick told me on the chip. I specifically needed a CA chip for the car, which I borrowed from gofstbuick and went by his advice for getting it done legally. I would think any chip that can be re-programmed would be a red-flag for them though, especially if it didn't have...
  8. TType85

    Tipping point

    I have been looking to go E85 on my Mustang. With the blower and fuel system setup I currently have I can make over 650rwhp on E85 with ease. As it is I get 14-15mpg with my mixed highway/street drive on 91. If it dropped to 11mpg It would still be similar cost as running 91 I would just have...
  9. TType85

    gofstbuick? smog-related, but fringe & almost off-topic ...

    Physically looked at the chip and also the checksum I believe with a scanner.
  10. TType85

    gofstbuick? smog-related, but fringe & almost off-topic ...

    For what is worth, I did a 86 swap in to my old 85 WH1 and had it certified through the a BAR referee. It hat to be 100% stock down to the correct California chip for an 86 TR (yes, they checked the actual chip).
  11. TType85

    GN on the Hoonigan youtube channel

    Not sure if he is on the board here, but it's a clean 87 GN.
  12. TType85

    Tipping point

    I know the feeling. These cars have a way of sucking you back in. I sold mine last year and have really been debating on getting another one. I keep finding more reasons not to go back; I was looking at buying a nice low mile car later this year but I don't know anymore. You are right on...
  13. TType85

    Dog loves the GN

    When I had my 86 T-Type my Buddy would jump in every time I would have the doors open. My other two just like to hang out in the garage with me no matter what i'm doing.
  14. TType85

    Thinking about selling my TR

    LOL. That was because that was what was left after coming back from Bates in 2017 :P
  15. TType85

    Gas mileage

    In one of my cars I had a Thrasher chip that got 34mpg driving it easy on a long road trip. Surprised the hell out of me because normally it was much lower since I beat on it a lot.
  16. TType85

    Would it be worth it to restore this '86?

    I would say sell it and buy one that is in better/running condition. The 86 I had sat for many years before I rescued it. It did have sentimental value but there is a point where that doesn't make it worth it anymore. The major stuff like engine and transmission adds up quickly but the small...
  17. TType85

    Solar Power

    I have a 10,000W system on my house. 29 Panels, no battery. I love it so far. It covers between 95-105% of our usage but as was said before, you sell back at wholesale and buy back at retail at night. Even with that I currently have a $178 credit with the electric company. I would have like...
  18. TType85

    Seat motor problem

    Be careful taking it apart to replace it. Mine was so brittle it broke other places carefully taking it apart. I ended up replacing it with a 87 unit.
  19. TType85

    Title Question for the CA Crowd

    Trailers get permanent tags like he has, he should also have a title for it that he can sign over to you, CA doesn't require it to be notarized. I would get a bill of sale along with the title.
  20. TType85

    Looking for speedomter sensor for AVC gage panel

    I think this is a similar one.
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