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  1. HotAirWH1

    Spare Tire Rim only

    looking for a decent OEM Rim, got the tire.
  2. HotAirWH1

    Reproduction window stickers

    I'm all in, Also, I would like to be able to get reproduced SPID RPO sticker codes for the trunk and the drivers door jamb VIN Data decals for the 84 & 85 Hot Air cars.
  3. HotAirWH1

    Date night at the range

    you can borrow my bi-pod
  4. HotAirWH1

    Date night at the range

    Hey Keith, maybe you'll get lucky and drag a V8 Mustang down the road while listening to Queen's ....... another one bites the dust. :giggle: KH.357 o_O my arm hurts just thinking about it!
  5. HotAirWH1


    85 Air Dam gone too ?
  6. HotAirWH1

    Radio Bezel Clips

    I feel your pain. My wife is good at throwing my shit out when I'm not looking, thus.... no clips ! :cry:
  7. HotAirWH1

    Radio Bezel Clips

    Grass Doctor is hording them. I hate to see what his man cave looks like. Boxes stacked to the wall stuffed with em !!! o_O Bruce & the G-Doc are having a contest to see who will have acquired the most when they die. LOL
  8. HotAirWH1

    Radio Bezel Clips

    I've been trying to buy 8 Clips for quite a while but no one wants to part with them. Must be made of gold.
  9. HotAirWH1

    84 T Type Eastern WA

    She will clean up real nice. Enjoy your "new" Hot Air !!! But watch out for that neighbor across the street. I see a ticket in your future.... :eek:
  10. HotAirWH1

    Just purchased a 1981 Indy 500 pace car

    Nice, Your getting there. Just make sure when yur done, you drive the shit out of it & Enjoy !!! ....... & hope to see you at Back to the Bricks -
  11. HotAirWH1

    Just purchased a 1981 Indy 500 pace car

    In my humble opinion, I concur with Mark T-TB.... but its your car and a rare one to boot.
  12. HotAirWH1

    Where to buy rear window and windshield ?

    The 85 has a rear defrost.....
  13. HotAirWH1

    Where to buy rear window and windshield ?

    You could try Bruce at Aggressive Performance in Clinton Twp, MI. I know he is parting out a 1987 & 1985 GN Not sure if he ships. He has them on craigslist in the Detroit area ...
  14. HotAirWH1

    Factory Radio for the 21st Century

    Thx !!!
  15. HotAirWH1

    Factory Radio for the 21st Century

    what's tony's e-mail / phone number ???
  16. HotAirWH1

    Identifying Wires on a AC Delco Radio

    I want to a swap out a OEM radio on my 85 T so I purchased an AC Delco supposedly from a 87 GN. The wiring is a little different from the original. The Sticky in this forum is what my harness is color coded to. TR factory wiring and General info thread including Concert Sound 2 I have...
  17. HotAirWH1

    They Stole Mah-Baby!

    Hey FlintBuick4Life, an Ol" North-ender here, that shit happened to me too in 1987, twice, and I packed up and got the hell out of there before I lost my life or someone else lost theirs. It's the best advice I can give you. Happy now in Ann Arbor with my WH1 ;) !!! Listen to Chuck
  18. HotAirWH1

    Just purchased a 1981 Indy 500 pace car

    Just happened to be going through Flint's Bishop Airport on November 02 2018 and snapped this shot in the lobby. :cool: How's your progress NCTyphoonKid ?
  19. HotAirWH1


    Link to headliner clips... cheap ??? they have em for the front, sides & back.
  20. HotAirWH1

    84-85 Wastegate Solenoid

    I sent you a PM of my address. Let me know if you got it.
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