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    Nervous O2 readings and missing EGT function.

    I think you’re confusing egt (exhaust gas temperature) with egr (exhaust gas recirculating). Keep the egr if you need to pass inspection I guess. I think Eric deletes it because most owners put the cat and related emissions items in the garbage, where they belong.
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    Series II L67 Grand National??!!??

    Interested in the track numbers, I see quite a few l67’s and tons of l36’s in the boneyards by me.
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    Pig rich on dyno with poor numbers

    Consider installing a wide band on the car. Sure, people have tuned 9 second cars with the stock o2, but why chance it at 26psi. Cheap insurance
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    Series II L67 Grand National??!!??

    Thanks for the update. Was tuning the stock Series 2 pcm difficult? How much faster do you think the turbo lsx setup would be?
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    eBay Fuel hose

    I wouldn't cheap out on fuel line period. I have no direct experience with the ones you listed. But I did get an eBay tow hook that appeared to have a shank made of quality aluminum, which turned out to be so weak it would likely snap on its first use.
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    Roller cam or stock ?

    Has anyone cryogenically treated a flat tappet camshaft to address the potential wear issue? Just curious.
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    Which fuel pump do I need?

    Like ETraugott said. Mine is an '84 with an '86 engine so it may differ slightly, but I simply put a new piece of rubber fuel line from the line coming off the fuel pressure regulator to the charcoal canister vent hard line (5/16"), then from the vent hard line above the tank to the return on...
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    Which fuel pump do I need?

    Switch the vent and return lines while you’re replacing the pump. Easy to do and better than going too small to avoid high base fuel pressure.
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    inconsistent surge. hard to pinpoint the problem.

    Check the grounds like t type white said. You can pick up sections of 6 gauge wire with terminals from Walmart or the auto parts store for a few bucks and add more to be sure you have proper grounding- battery to engine, engine to chassis, battery to body, etc...Those original ground wires are...
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    Holley Terminator X LS swap system

    If you check out sloppy mechanics on youtube, he's supposed to be evaluating one of these. Matt has LS swapped a ton of vehicles, and made over 1k at the wheels on junkyard setups.
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    $159.99 Summer special on the all new Drip-Lips

    1/4-20. I got them from the local auto zone.
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    $159.99 Summer special on the all new Drip-Lips

    It took about 10 minutes to install. I have the stock crossover as well. Hardest part was reaching the damn upper passenger side transmission bolt, but that has nothing to do with the drip lip.
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    $159.99 Summer special on the all new Drip-Lips

    Thought I'd provide a quick update: Got mine at the sale price, used a strip of pig mat folded up in the bottom, and subsequently found noticeably less oil on the garage floor (what was there dripped off the timing cover). No more smoke from oil on the crossover pipe either. I haven't driven...
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    Intercooler Upgrades

    I’m not arguing your general point, but this front mount is definitely less restrictive than the stock one. The ability to run more boost without knock with no other changes suggests the air coming out is cooler. The momentary surge at 10 psi is the result of a small turbo and large pipes.
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    Intercooler Upgrades

    It was an eBay intercooler, but not with the vertical tubes. This one has the intake/discharge at the bottom like typical FMIC designs. It was listed for a turbo LS swap g body.
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    Intercooler Upgrades

    I think I was able to go from 17lbs and no kr to 19lbs and no kr on just 93 octane when I went from SLIC to front mount. However the 3” piping did cause a surge at 10psi with a te44. I got the front mount and piping for $280, which is the main reason I did it.
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    New GN owner in NJ

    I'll second Michael's, he's a good mechanic and fellow GN owner. The TH400 he built me has been hammered for 7+ years now.
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    Oil Leak coming from flywheel cover

    Wipe off all the oil you see. Put oil dye in the oil and go for a drive. Then get under it with a black light. The source of the oil could be a leak at the Pcv, rear of the intake manifold, valve cover gasket, etc....guessing gets expensive fast.
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    $159.99 Summer special on the all new Drip-Lips

    Awesome thanks for the reply.
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    $159.99 Summer special on the all new Drip-Lips

    Will this work with a th400 transmission?
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