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  1. Hafrod

    Reproduction seat covers (where to get?)

    Couldn't find an interior section to post in so sorry if this is wrong spot. I'd like to buy a set of repro seat covers for a Turbo T in tan but would also like the power 6 logo on headrests. Where can I get them?
  2. Hafrod

    Don't let this one slip to the crusher

    If it wasn't so dang far from OKLA I'd own it
  3. Hafrod

    Selling my '83 T Type

    When I click on the link, it says I must be logged in to do that. I was just going to look since I'm poor. I'd love to see the 82 GNs. Can you post pics? Maybe start a build thread? I almost bought an 82 GN from Texas on ebay in around 2006. It was in sad shape but all there. I'm still mad that...
  4. Hafrod

    What is max boost for my 1979 set up?

    So I have done some research into E85. There are no local pumps for E85. It would be a pretty big inconvenience just getting a fill up. I read that most new Q Jet kits have the blue diaphragm. Also an increase in jet size to 30% bigger is needed. So it would be E85 only after that. Was going to...
  5. Hafrod

    Sandstone Center Console

    I'll take it if it's with shipping
  6. Hafrod

    What is max boost for my 1979 set up?

    Give me more info on E85. I'm interested. Q Jet would need special accelerator pump I'd guess??
  7. Hafrod

    What do you think it would run in 1/4?

    I thought the 79 Centurys ran 17 or 18s stock????
  8. Hafrod

    What is max boost for my 1979 set up?

    I got an adjustable wastegate from member OddMonte to put on a pretty much stock 1979 set up. The highest pump gas here is 91 octane. I will purchase a boost gauge to put on the A pillar. I don't even know what stock boost is. What do you think my max boost will be set at? I just posted a thread...
  9. Hafrod

    What do you think it would run in 1/4?

    I'm building up a pretty much stock 1979 draw through 3.8 from a turbo Century. I'm putting it in my 80 Regal. My work buddy is saying it won't out run his 03 Silverado (5.3). The short block will be a stock rebuild with Edelbrock 5487 cam (already bought), 8445 heads, 1983 Regal turbocharger...
  10. Hafrod

    PEVR questions (1979)

    I don't know what to do here guys. I have read that the PEVR can be sent to TA performance for a new diaphragm. I also read about a PEVR mod using a 3 way check valve instead of original PEVR. Obviously the check valve would be the ultimate budget way to go and have a few here already. Which way...
  11. Hafrod

    1982/83 Chrome Elbow V6 Decal

    Thanks for this Rich. I'm currently looking for a used chrome elbow and would want a new decal. Not to hi jack the thread but if anyone has a chrome elbow with ok chrome, I'd be interested
  12. Hafrod

    PROJECT back to high school 80 Sport Coupe clone

    If you've been watching my Turbo 79 Century videos, a rusted away vin tag caused it to not be buildable. I'm NOT selling any parts off the Century in case I find another body in the future. I decided to find a 78-80 Regal to use the turbo V6 from the Century. So it will be a Sport Coupe clone...
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