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  1. dragrazor

    Parts,Parts and more Parts!!

    Going on ebay soon
  2. dragrazor

    Parts,Parts and more Parts!!

  3. dragrazor

    87 WE4 59k miles. NO RUST

    I cant believe this car hasn't sold! I thought i was anal about my cars but this guy has me beat! Very stand up person, known him for some time now, this car has the best of the best. He has definitely spent money on it. Bump for you.
  4. dragrazor

    Parts,Parts and more Parts!!

    Taillights are sold
  5. dragrazor

    Parts,Parts and more Parts!!

    Thank you for the kind words sir
  6. dragrazor

    Parts,Parts and more Parts!!

    For now I am selling as a set unless someone needs the passenger side. I just put this up so if i get no interest, i will let you know
  7. dragrazor

    Parts,Parts and more Parts!!

    Well, I sold my GN today and have a shed full of parts. Attached are the pictures. I put prices according to what I think they are worth. If they seem high, make me an offer as I may be way off. All prices are shipped. I have a couple make offer items, give me your best offer. I have a full...
  8. dragrazor

    Interior paint color question

    Thanks, can you swing by kirbans and bring me a can? Lol.
  9. dragrazor

    Interior paint color question

    i bought gbody's interior spray paint color med dark gray #1598 and as you can see in the pic, it does not really match the dash. I know that i can go to a body shop and have them make me paint for me but has anyone used a paint from anyone that matches the rest of the dash?
  10. dragrazor

    Tonight on Barrett-Jackson

    I have been to barret jackson twice now. Television makes those cars look a whole lot better believe me. Some are really nice but i saw some outside before they went on the block and was amazed at how good they looked on the big screen.
  11. dragrazor

    Super Clean T-type

    I have 18's on mine. Most i would probably go would be 19's. Anything over that is not my taste but to each their own. That t type is very clean though.
  12. dragrazor

    Kirban Performance weatherstrip replacements - Don't do it!

    If he wouldnt have mentioned it, i would have guessed he was in the military or law enforcement. He seems to have that people person type of charisma about him :) i know because after being in the military and working in law enforcement for 19 years yesterday(6 more to go), i also have acquired...
  13. dragrazor

    Racetronix horrible customer service

    They try hard to not deal with the turbo buick community. They sell to other makes and thats how they stay in business but i agree, customer service stinks. Its a shame because they do sell quality parts
  14. dragrazor

    I want to move to Florida, any idea's/leads/suggestions/help?

    Anywhere above west palm beach and west of orlando. St. Augustine is nice, areas of the panhandle is nice too. Cost of living varies in florida. Home affordability is better north of west palm beach. Florida is getting very populated, just be warned.
  15. dragrazor

    E85 tuning help - car falls flat

    How much boost? Does it cut out in 1st and second gear at wot?
  16. dragrazor

    Another stolen GN!!!

    Saw that, what the hell is going on?
  17. dragrazor

    Where can i buy a duraprene transmission gasket?

    Thank you very much fellas!! I really appreciate it.
  18. dragrazor

    Search not working?

    This happens pretty often
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