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    Free Luncheon May 24th at RCG'S

    Sir, Count me in for two as Fastairsix and I should be pulling in about that time hopefully. Thanks, Bob
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    Lunch Money shot this weekend

    Gents, Lunch Money finally made a decent lap this weekend. I wanted to give a special thanks to Paul Ferry (HR Parts and Stuff) for his help on the sixty foot issue that I was having. Hopefully more or better time slips to follow. Truck weighs in at 3950 (with driver) and is running a 64/66...
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    I/C Pump

    Most use the Johnson as a direct fit. Call Tom at Sport Machines he can hook you up. Not sure of the flow rating on the stock one. In addition I am not sure if the Shurflo is a direct fit might have to change some things around for it to fit. Fat Nat (Jeff) has a old ATR setup for sale on here...
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    Worth While Mod?

    Sir, You just made me laugh (but nooo). I usually walk in the shop and take a knife and just cut my hand because you will be bleeding before it is over. To answer your question. Intercooler line/hose change will make it easier to work on however it is hard to get the air out of the system...
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    A Dark Storm Approaches

    Leave it stock and you will have more fun :). Congrats on your/the new toy. Bob
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    Just bought Sy 2271... many questions....

    Sir, Unless you want the truck to be original I don't think I would spend the time to put the ABS back on. That system has been known to be problematic even when new. Just my thoughts. Bob
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    Just bought Sy 2271... many questions....

    I still have the ABS on mine and it seems to work ok. Good luck with your project and be patience as these things can be trying at times. Bob
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    Just bought Sy 2271... many questions....

    Sure can, The intercooler in my application is just a pathway for the air to travel. Also there is not a restriction for the air to back up in the/from turbo (S cover) to the intercooler (Bison referenced this years ago and it stuck in my brain housing group) 2 1/2 inch start to finish it just...
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    Just bought Sy 2271... many questions....

    Gents, I just got some pics (maverick87) Thanks Austin. He provided a stock engine compartment pic for you. Hope these help. Bob
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    Just bought Sy 2271... many questions....

    Gents, I loaded some pics of the vacuum pump mockup. I have one of the regular AC compressor on my phone but can't seem to get it to down load. Thanks, Bob
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    Just bought Sy 2271... many questions....

    Sir/HI85WH, That is not the AC compressor it is a vacuum pump that I use. I think the ac lines might be the same if you are running a stock turbo. Maybe someone can post a picture of a stock truck with stock turbo. Blackout, We made that thing a few years ago. It is a stock core with a new...
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    Just bought Sy 2271... many questions....

    Sir, Did you get jack stands with your purchase? LOL I attached a picture of my engine bay. Most of the items are in the/their stock location as I wanted a stock appearing truck. However a lot of the parts have been modified. Question 1. The wheels don't have to be the same size however...
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    GN1 R or TA aluminum ported head flow numbers

    Guy's, I am a Novice/home garage head ported and I have been watching this post since it started and the information is outstanding/very helpful. I thought I would throw our numbers into the mix. These are just the first round of a basic clean up on the SE head with no throat area...
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    Virgin Off Center Stage block

    Joey, Understood that the 016 block was sold to you however I was asking for information on his on-center block that he was offering up. Good score by the way as I have been trying to find one of those blocks for years. Bob
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    Virgin Off Center Stage block

    Sir, Can you PM me the details/pics? Thanks, Bob
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    Virgin Off Center Stage block

    Sir, Can you put me second in line? Thanks, Bob
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    4.3L Vortec Block Limits

    Gents, Picture of the motor before it went in. Still haven't got a good lick as yet because now there is a traction issue and it is setting off the knock sensor. More work to be done. Bob
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    GN1 R or TA aluminum ported head flow numbers

    Sir, Are the heads in the photos ported or as cast? In addition any flow numbers and cost to duplicate? Thanks, Bob
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    Active Duty Service Members Needing Heads

    Gorge, Hope it works out for you and helps you meet your goals (ENJOY). Keep in touch. Bob
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