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    New turbo

    Have a 87 we4 what new turbos work with stock torque converter s please
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    Crossover Pipe needed

    Anyone have a crossover pipe for a 84 t type for sale
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    Rear filler panel hardware

    What is the proper type fastener to hold rear fillers to the studs on rear of car. Like thread size etc. Please thanks
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    Cold Air Intake

    Would like info on a cold air intake where K&N is not under the hood. Which one recommended please?
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    console shift cable

    Part # recommendation please
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    shifter cable

    Will a local part store shifter cable work on a 87 turboT ? I know I can order one but I need one now
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    Kirban upgraded steering shaft

    Who has used and thoughts on it?
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    esc module where to buy new

    where to buy new ESC modules for 87
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    2004R Bands

    Kevlar lined band vs Extra Wide band in a rebuild for a 11sec. turbo regal. Which one would be better choice or is there any difference?
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    New or Refurbished Quarter Windows

    Are these available anywhere with the black trim?
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    Trans. vendor in Texas (performance 2004R)

    I was told about a place in Texas that sells rebuild trans. kits for 2004R. They forgot the name would anyone know whom they could be talking about. Please respond thanks.
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    Freeze Plugs brass

    What size are the freeze plugs in the side of the 231turbo block please.
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    Trans. crossmember mounts

    I am having my crossmember sandblasted and refinished. Rubber mounts on the sides are in bad shape. Will be getting HR trans. mount, would like poly for the crossmember. Any info on some would be helpful please. Thanks
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    17 by 11

    Please post pictures or fitment info if anyone has 17 by 11 american racing wheels on the rear of a turbo regal. Thanks
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