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  1. twin 93 svt

    Best Exhaust

  2. twin 93 svt

    No start condition need help

    trouble shot a similar problem, that ended up being loose ground off of back of the head.
  3. twin 93 svt

    Kots chi-town

    A very cool brother who worked hard and played hard, he will be missed daily.
  4. twin 93 svt

    my 87 GN died while cruising light throttle 25mph, NO restart?

    ecm inline fuse, maybe wires off starter, hard to tell from just that info, is fuel pump priming?
  5. twin 93 svt

    angled boss

    it works
  6. twin 93 svt

    Pinks @Rt 66 info

    I had a good time
  7. twin 93 svt

    Cat vs. snake

    tuff *****
  8. twin 93 svt

    Boost activated downpipe dump

    Looks good, Tell us how it works out.
  9. twin 93 svt

    Bowling Green Roll Call!

    plan on going so far
  10. twin 93 svt

    9 seconds or faster list

    Nice list, Still going strong for the Buick crowds.
  11. twin 93 svt

    dbamford's TSM Car Crash @ Milan dragway lastnite!

    It did not look that bad, I'm sure car will be at the track again, but will cost some down time, Good luck Dave.
  12. twin 93 svt

    Ever see a blown H.G. look like this? (pic)

    seen plenty times
  13. twin 93 svt

    Fast Classic Sequential ECU System & DataLogger

    Nice, Hows that Florida weather treating you Joe?
  14. twin 93 svt

    Copper head gaskets

    never seen issues besides, retorqueing every so often but silicone was put on both sides of gasket, and blocks were o ringed with sce gasket and only 8 studs.
  15. twin 93 svt

    WTT M&a heads for intercooler

    love it
  16. twin 93 svt

    Len Freeman, is this how you treat your customers? long.

    I think it is worth a flight, to go speak directly with the man, even if nothing is accomplished but letting him know how you feel, It might be worth it.