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  1. Goat

    Lets see the memes

    Poat them up!
  2. Goat

    Oklahoma members? Tulsa?

    I'll have to be in Tulsa for school in January and just wondering if there's anyone close by?
  3. Goat

    Just aquired new 86 gn

    How can I identify if it has different injectors or a ecu chip? Guy I got it from didn't know!
  4. Goat

    July 4th-6th Ill be in Dallas who wants to meet up

    Im coming back to Dallas for the first time in over 10 years and would like to see a bit of the good racing scene or some turbo Buick guys to hang out with! I don't have a turbo buick right now so Im going threw withdrawals..
  5. Goat

    Welp Ive made 28!

    Surprised the heck outta me too! Im however gn or ttype less... Ill have one by christmas though! Happy birthday to me! Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  6. Goat

    Tree stand harness

    I will wear one from now on. I fell 15 foot from my stand while hog hunting yesterday. It could've been worse other then some bruises and all, but I never would've thought I would fall and it happened. I'm going to see if I can get one at bass pro right now cause this was my shortest stand on...
  7. Goat

    Tryed some hornady shells out...

    I shot the leverevolution threw my 30/30 and the ballistic tip ones threw my 270 and I was very very pleased. I also used some hog hammers in my 30/30 and liked them as well. Shooting 125-225 with the 30/30 hunting pigs and 300-450 with the 270 hunting and sighting it in good. Sent while...
  8. Goat

    Any bowfishers here

    I'm setting up a rig to do this with going to be mostly bank fishing by a dam. Is there a certain pound pull it has to be? Also lets see your setups! Sent while waiting for boost to build...
  9. Goat

    Stockish GN what to do?

    Typical bolt ons: downpipe, meth, bigger injectors, converter, and maybe a bigger turbo... Now the tuning... what to do? I dunno what would be best here cause everything has changed so much. All I know is a xfi cost 2k and will do the job, but is there anything else out there? Sent while...
  10. Goat

    I got caught ordering parts

    Wife says since I spent that much I have to now take her on a cruise and can't use the excuse I don't have the money. What do I do besides divorcing her? Sent while waiting for boost to build...
  11. Goat

    Best trans choice...

    I have a powerglide and a turbo 400. The 200r4 is ruined. So now I do believe its going more race then anything with hardly no street time. What do ya recommend? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app while doing 134 on I-20...
  12. Goat

    3800 series 2 mount kit for gbody/s10

    Would be nice to have this option available and I know it would sell cause of the want of the swap for the cars/trucks the demand is there for the kit.
  13. Goat

    hey guys Im back

    Its been awhile and well I ain't dead lol. Now its time to get back on track and start doing what I love to do instead of doing something for a big paycheck. Following in my dads footsteps and fixen to try to race some.
  14. Goat

    Going from 305 to a 3800 s2 questions

    Im going to do this in my 84 s10 and Im wondering a few things. What mounts can I use? Can I make my th350 work with this? Wiring harness modifications? Any help will be grateful I been looking around and kinda exhausted.
  15. Goat

    Well got this 84 s10 and dunno what to do

    I dragged this thing up a few months ago and kinda messed with it here and there. I have since lost interest and I dont have a clue what to do with it! Anyways here is some pics of it. Oh yea it does got a 305/turbo sitting in it. I bought a 85 camaro with no title for the...
  16. Goat

    Redoing great Grandmothers house

    She has been long passed and Im thinking of fixing up the old house it has 9 bedrooms and a huge kitchen was a bed and breakfast from 1914 to 1962 and Im wanting to rework the house completely and update it. I finally was handed the deed on it and all cause the rest of the family dosent wont...
  17. Goat

    Well guess what!

    I guess where I live you got to be a drug dealer to own one a "regal" as the cop said this morning. I was being nice till he asked me where the dope was in my car. Then I went off and told him he needed to check my resume I make enough money to pay salary 4 times in one year (Now I know now I...
  18. Goat

    buying parts in australia?

    I need a blower setup from a Holden VT Commodore! Tired of looking at the 2 nova shells I dragged up.
  19. Goat

    who is running these?

    I got a few laying around and well got a wild hair. I did some chatting with intense racing today and ended up ordering some parts. I have found out I can use the camaro intakes with the gtp block and heads. Therefore keeping the 8.5 compression ratio and having the strong connecting rods...
  20. Goat

    wheres the best place for?

    I need parts for a 82 and looking at the best places to find them? Or what year regals can I pull parts and not make it look funny?