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  1. Roc87

    Car Audio, Alpine & Pioneer headunits & XM tuner

    Going back to a stock deck Alpine CDA-9855 with iPod adapter KCA-420i. This head unit has too many functions for my taste, lol. Includes head unit, wiring, faceplate, trim ring, faceplate case, remote control, mounting sleeve, instructions and box (original packing materials not included), no...
  2. Roc87

    Radio brackets

    Looking for a pair of stock radio brackets, tired of the poor fitting aftermarket 1.5 din adapters, going back to the stock deck
  3. Roc87

    Powerlogger blm cell highlight

    Updated the powerlogger with the newest drivers and key on/engine off I can click in the blm cells and a window pops up to enter the new number, I enter the new number and the cell shows the change for a second then reverts back to what it was. Any ideas what's going on?
  4. Roc87

    Parts I don't want to ship, located in Albuquerque

    Std crank, needs cut a minimum of .010-.010", spun rod on #6 $125 Crank already cut .010/.010 ready to go $200 7 std bore pistons with rods, 6 have ARP rod bolts $125 Stock oil pan $40 Stock front springs, mileage unknown $20 Hooker Cat-Back exhaust, good shape, no rust, no test pipe...
  5. Roc87

    New motor break in before E test

    Any rough idea of how many miles I need on a new build before having the emission test done? Was thinking around 500 miles and do a fresh oil change while I have the car up to put the cat on
  6. Roc87

    Needed; oil filter adapter, vac line, A/C bolt

    Looking for; Stock oil filter adapter for use with oil cooler (I have an RJC biggie adapter but going with a Mark Hueffman oil filter/turbo saver & it requires a stock adapter) Metal line from Vacuum block to PCV ('86 & '87) Bolt that holds A/C lines to back of compressor
  7. Roc87

    NM guys; Hooker Cat back for sale

    Prefer local sale in Albuquerque, will be off the car in a few weeks went with a GN1 3" dual kit. Nothing wrong with exhaust, I bought the kit new, always in the desert dry air. Has some 2.5" chrome "slash cut" tips on the ends. $200
  8. Roc87

    Hood mounted FP gauge, new hose for e85?

    Should I change out the braided stainless hose that currently runs to my hood mounted FP gauge when I switch to e85? I don't know what brand the existing hose is or who made it, came from Summit and probably just the cheapest AN line they had at the time, hose has been on the car for 4 or 5 years.
  9. Roc87

    Where to purchase Double Pumper w/ 340's & AN? E85 Line?

    Full Throttle doesn't have the Racetronix Double pumper in stock, looking for one with the dual 340's and AN hookup (Heard the 340's are better with E85). Also looking for E85 hose kit, since Full Throttle doesn't have that either
  10. Roc87

    Set of 16" GTAs in Abq

    Since the announcement of Hawks 3rd gen saying they are going to have 17x9 GTAs, my 16's will be for sale early in the new year. I'm waiting on the machinist to get my engine back and the GN is currently stuck in my Dads garage blocked by his RV, otherwise they'd be up for sale right now. I have...
  11. Roc87

    PT61, Alradco radiator, Heater hard lines

    PT61 turbo, unknown condition.. Bought new, has ~10k miles, E cover. Had a rod bearing go bad, cam bearings were OK, and it still spins freely, but I'm not chancing it with the new stroker motor. $250 OBO shipped Alradco aluminum radiator, ~500 miles. Internal transmission cooler never hooked...
  12. Roc87

    1.77 valves, where to purchase and what length?

    Having 1.77" valves put in my 8445 ported heads and need to know length and if any vendors carry them?
  13. Roc87

    Low mile Aluminum Alradco Radiator

    Had a bad bearing failure and don't want to risk flushing the oil cooler with as much as I'm spending on the build. This would be great for someone that doesn't want to use the oil cooler or is using an external cooler. The internal transmission cooler has never been hooked up. I will ship this...
  14. Roc87

    60# injectors w/ 2 TT chips; zero miles since cleaning!!

    Fresh back from the $85 cleaning at Caspers, zero miles since cleaning. Includes two TT Chips; 5.7 alky chip and emission chip. I'm going to go with 80# & eventually E85 SOLD
  15. Roc87

    Stroker, any neg effect on emissions?

    Just as title says, TIA
  16. Roc87

    Part throttle knock

    GN was running great, got my settings in the TT dialed back in after having to do the emissions test yesterday. Got on it pretty hard taking my friend a set of plug wires. Showed 0.8° of knock on the 2-3 shift. Stopped at a light, and pulling away it showed knock on scanmaster. So, far I've...
  17. Roc87

    CCW Classic or Simmons, 17's or 18's

    Wanting to change up the GN, sell the GTA's and was looking at a set of Weld RT-S, but for their price wondering if anyone has some CCW classics or Simmons they want to get rid of
  18. Roc87

    Replacement spring in t-bolt clamp

    Anyone sell just the spring for those clamps, or do I have to buy a whole clamp?
  19. Roc87

    G-Body parts in Abq.

    Pair of Variable rate rear coil spings (Don't know the exact brand, but they are not OEM) These are a little taller than stock springs, I installed a 23k mile set of OEM springs and it lowered the car approx. 3/4" to an 1" $40 OBO *SOLD Pair of OEM front coil spings $25 OBO Pair of Spindles...
  20. Roc87

    Cleaning a FMIC

    Searched and didn't see anything about flushing out/cleaning a FMIC. Going to install my Alradco radiator soon and wondered if I should go ahead and removed the PTE FMIC to clean it out. Seems worthwhile, since I will be cleaning all the dirt/dust/bugs off the A/C condenser as well