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  1. twin 93 svt

    need to find a.t.r. style header cross over clamps.

    Anyone know where to find such a clamp a.s.a.p., need for Bowling Green, but would like car ready before hand. ,thanks Mike
  2. twin 93 svt

    stollen car

    car was taken from us 41 dragstrip in the middle of the day, from event in progress. low eight second car.
  3. twin 93 svt

    New 84 lb. inj's

    never used Delphi 84 lb. injectors, flow matched by Precision, $300.00 plus shipping.
  4. twin 93 svt

    race gas cheaper than pump gas!

    Price of 93 octane in Chicago is $3.59, price of cam 2 110 octane is $3.31, is it still cheaper to run pump gas?
  5. twin 93 svt

    On center Stage II, Scat crank,BHJ balancer

    Machined on center stage motor, brand new Billet 3.625 Scat crank, and brand new BHJ ballancer to match crank. 5,000 for all. ,thanks Twin
  6. twin 93 svt

    Drag race game __________________
  7. twin 93 svt

    pte fmic no pipes

    Just the front mount, any offers.
  8. twin 93 svt

    2nd set of hg's on new motor

    I am about to take this car apart again, It seems to be taking water from the coolant port on gasket, Around the compression ring and then through the valley. Did a coolant pressure test and definately comming from valley through lifter bores, is where I seen leak above motor! Every time I...
  9. twin 93 svt

    Program for 83# inj. for dfi batchfire

    needed Prgrm 4 83# inj. 4 dfi batchfire I need program for 83# injectors for Accel DFI batchfire. thanks all!
  10. twin 93 svt

    cant chat

    When I click on the HERE spot for using the web browser, cannot find server will appear.
  11. twin 93 svt

    fuel pump limits

    Fastest any one has gone with a single 340 hot wired? thanks
  12. twin 93 svt

    dfi programs 55's and 72's

    I came across a used batchfire dfi, And was wondering if I could get programs for 55 and 72 lb inj. Thanks
  13. twin 93 svt

    fuel question

    Can anyone tell me why most tr owners are to cheap to run race fuel
  14. twin 93 svt

    nsx vs. 87gn

    Was driving at local strip, Pulled over to have cofee. Only to watch this nsx tearing up some pony's, caught up with him at a light, Took off and shut down early after about a 20 car lead. havn't had car to track but that was 14#'s and pump gas, cant keep tires on the street with slicks, but it...