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    Head Studs Needed

    Anyone have the ARP 223-4203 Studs in stock for Champion 14 bolts on a stage block in stock?TIA
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    Opinions Please

    I have considsered having my BGC intake coated with either powder coat or cermakote.What worries me though is thermal transfer.I worry that cermakote will hold the heat in.Any thoughts or opinions.Thanks in advance.
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    Anybody know John Antoniades?

    I bought a SMC Kit from this guy.Haven't heard from him in a week or so and it's been 3 weeks since I sent payment.Just want my stuff in a timely manner.TIA
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    Has anybody gone to a coilover set up on the front and done away with the stock stuff?I was considering the QA1 setup but i'm unsure of sring rates etc...
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    Duttweiler Oil System

    Does anyone have any pics of the Duttweiler front cover.I've heard this is a good setup for S2 street motors but I have never seen one.Thanks in advance!