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    1985 GN for sale 26,000 miles

    Sold..... No love here though !!
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    1985 GN for sale 26,000 miles

    Weekend Bump !!
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    1985 GN for sale 26,000 miles

    Bumpity Bump Bump........
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    1985 GN for sale 26,000 miles

    1985 GN 26,300 miles excellent condition. Asking $ 17750 I am the second owner. I have all of the original documents including window sticker, order sheet, Buick cassette, and more. Thanks Dale
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    New guy from Mississippi

    Welcome to the site. I`m from the west of you in La. Peace Dale
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    Hello all, new from Louisiana!

    dunmega, Welcome to the site. Good place, lots of good information and knowledge. I`m just outside of Bossier City. I`ve got a stock 85 with 26 K. I`m new to GN`s but I`ve owned quite a few Chevys and a few other makes. Peace Dale
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    Trans help in the fort worth area??

    I will add my $.02 for Jake`s. I`m familiar with him from where he is very well thought of.
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    Spoolfool's new front bumper fillers for sale.

    Mike, That's kool. I watched the rear installation video it was very helpful before I installed your rear. I`m sure the front video will be likewise. Thanks Dale
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    Spoolfool's new front bumper fillers for sale.

    Mike, Received the front`s. Have you put together a video for the front installation yet ? I can do it easily but just curious. Thanks Dale
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    Good luck. I live 70 mi south near Shreveport. Texarkana is no doubt a big Red Neck town. There is a drag strip north of Shreveport, Thunder Road NHRA Sanctioned, Probably about 40-50 mi south of Texarkana on Hwy 71.
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    Spoolfool's new 1 pc. bumper fillers for sale.

    Mike, I was finally able to get the rear filler painted and installed. Fit was good just had to take the ol round file to a few of the mounting holes. I`ll post pics. at later date. Thanks Dale
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    Transmission leak(Possibly front pump seal) Dallas area... Help or shop reccomendations?

    Jakes Transmissions Sanger, Tx. He is well known for 200r4`s etc. He has a new shop. Look him up on the net. Dale
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    Gathering in Shreeveport?

    Shreveport, Well there are lots of things to do. But I know it isn't all good. I worked in Public safety for the city of Sport for 28 yrs. I worked in most of the Hoods, Lol. If you know where to go there are a few good things to see and do. I am aware that ya`ll were at one of the boats, They...
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    Gathering in Shreeveport?

    Shreveport Shreveport !! What`s there ?? Well I don`t live very far from there here in the Bayou State, what's going on. I may be in Dallas at the swap meet out at the horse track. Dale
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    Spoolfool's new 1 pc. bumper fillers for sale.

    Mike, The rear filler arrived in good condition. It looks like an excellent piece. I`ll let you know in a few weeks how it fits ,[I`m sure it`ll be great ]. Perhaps I`ll add some pics when its done. Thanks Dale
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    Last g body?

    I have stood next too and sat in the last GN built. It is in Springhill, La. It belongs to a pair of brothers that own an older small GMC/Chevrolet/Buick dealership. They were offered it and flew up to the plant and walked along has it was built. The car has signatures of many of the workers who...
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    GNX Wheels and Tires for sale

    Might be interested. Where are you located ? Thanks Dale
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    Spoolfool's new 1 pc. bumper fillers for sale.

    Mike, Enjoyed the short conversation today and tomorrow the check will be in the mail for my rear filler. Thanks Dale
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    New member from San Antonio, TX

    Welcome to the site. My son lives in SA he`s a regular at Biffs and cars and coffee with his turbo`d 2002 SS Camaro. Nice place I enjoy going down to visit and take in the very good car scene.
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    85 GN heater core

    Thanks all !! I actually finally got a chance to look at it last weekend. I didn't realize that the cowl seal would just lift right up. I have repaired quite a few heater hoses on the many old Chevys ,[ 14 Camaro`s and Nova`s + 2 Chevelle big blocks and 1 GTO], that I`ve owned but this is new...