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  1. haywire4130

    Weld prostars

    Looking for a set of weld prostars, 15x8 or 15x10 rears and skinny fronts, have cash, can pickup in new england area. Ratty condition is okay long as theyre straight. Text 9785804596 for quick response
  2. haywire4130

    good bang for the buck harness?

    Can anyone recommend a good bang for the buck harness? Im getting ready to install my rollbar and a harness is the last piece of the puzzle that i need to buy. Rather than just buying the first cheap one i see i'd appreciate anyones input. Ive noticed there are a bunch of different kinds of...
  3. haywire4130

    O rings for fuel rail?

    Does anybody know the exact size and material or a source of the fuel line-to-rail and line-to-regulator o rings? I used gm ones when I first put my car together and they didn't last very long, looking for longer lasting e10 compatible replacements. I see kirbans sells a master kit but there's...
  4. haywire4130

    bailey 2 step technique?

    Finally got my 2 step in and working, just had a few questions about how to get the most out of it. I was mostly wondering if it was better to ease into the throttle and sneak up to the launch limit and hold the throttle there then mat it when letting off the button or just floor it and let er...
  5. haywire4130

    sd2 running like crap- wideband reading rich and still adding fuel?

    i posted on a thread a few weeks ago about my car intermittently cutting out while driving and generally running horribly. it was running perfect last season and has run poorly all this year (lots of flat spots/hesitation/cf was all over the place). when it would malfunction the wideband would...
  6. haywire4130

    do you bother to balance "track-only" tires?

    Just wondering, I mounted up a fresh set of gently used mt drag radials on my 15" wheels and was shocked that one of them was 10 OUNCES out of balance (tread was way out of round, wheel was running nice and true). I spun it 180 and tried again, same result- Bad tire? Or is the qc pretty lax...
  7. haywire4130

    brf 2004R non-lockup ok to use with restalled d5?

    i have some spare trannys and converters laying around and my buddy is building a mild small block 32 roadster kit. i offered him my old 2004R so he could have overdrive (vs the th350 he was going to use). my question is: the 2004r is set up with a transgo non-lockup kit, and i was planning on...
  8. haywire4130

    art carr 9" non lockup, translator, ls maf fs

    for sale- 9" art carr CPT non lockup converter. "N" stall (ran 2850 rpm @ 0psi on my combo), was spec'd out by and purchased from cotton's performance in 2008, only 6k miles on it. no issues, works great, bargain price- $330 shipped to your door. also have: MAF translator, version 6.25 (i think...
  9. haywire4130

    SD2 impressions from a tuning novice

    finally installed my SD2 chip today, figured i'd post some thoughts after about 75 miles of use. i'm an absolute tuning-rookie, i've done some tuning on sportbikes using the dynojet powercommander, but nothing on my car. i was using an as-delivered turbotweak alky chip with a 85mm maf and...
  10. haywire4130

    powerlogger is awesome!

    I know it's old news to people who are already using it but I'm so impressed I figured I'd spread the word. Install and setup was pretty straight forward, faster scanmaster readings are killer, analog inputs were super simple to hook up and configure and everything just works with no fiddling...
  11. haywire4130

    t/a ss race headers- crossover pipe question

    just wrapping up the install of my t/a headers and had a question about the slip joint on the crossover pipe- i have the newer style with the tabs welded on to put a bolt thru to keep the joint from coming apart but when i adjust it to fit flat on both headers the holes don't line up. my...
  12. haywire4130

    progressive/ cargo springs- which way up??

    stupid question of the day: i picked up a set of moog progressive springs and was wondering which way to install them? one end the coils are close together, the other they're spread out, i assumed they'd be marked if it mattered so i figured i'd ask here- which way is up? thanks for any help!
  13. haywire4130

    new to powerlogger- autometer wideband compatible?

    may be a stupid question: i installed my powerlogger in the fall, confirmed it worked then parked the car for the winter. i've yet to hook up any of the analog inputs. i'm spending my tax refund in all the right places and was looking at getting a wideband. i have all autometer gauges in my car...
  14. haywire4130

    any reason not to use spectra gas tank from autozone?

    just like the title says, my tank leaks around the seam- was considering using the spectra #GM307c tank from autozone, says it is for turbo models so i assume it has the baffle inside. anyone have any pros or cons?
  15. haywire4130

    ta performance headers, any difference in durability, mild steel vs ss

    so i worked 56 hours straight of overtime during the blizzard wrenching on drippy salty broken snow removal equipment... decided to treat my car to a new turbo, headers, and converter... as the title says, definately buying a set of the t/a perf ones- wondering if i should plop down the extra...
  16. haywire4130

    3" chrome maf pipe, k&n filter, lt1 maf, and maf translator package

    for sale, entire package: 3" chrome mass air pipe, silicone coupler, newer filter with hole drilled for temp sensor, 3" lt1 mass air, and an older model maf translator. also includes a clamp for the pipe and a bracket i made that mounts on the alternator stud to keep the whole thing secure...
  17. haywire4130

    older translator ?

    hello all: i'm trying to track down a mild part-half throttle stumbling/transitional knock problem just as it transitions from vac to boost and until the alky starts spraying (about 7psi-ish) it has plagued my car since i've had it. i bought the car with a lot of mods (and blown head gaskets to...
  18. haywire4130

    why arent there any wires inside my trans?

    Just like the title says, I was installing my drw deep pan/4l60 filter the other day and noticed there arent any wires going to the switches inside my tranny. This is the first time ive been inside it, was wondering if this is part of converting to non-lockup or something? The plug is still on...
  19. haywire4130

    throwing belt?

    i have been having problems with my car throwing the belt. quick history: when i first built the motor i installed a dayco belt that was listed wrong in the catalog, ended up being too long and made the knocking/chirping sound and shredded itself to pieces the first time i leaned on it, which...
  20. haywire4130

    wheel size/backspace for MT 275/60/15 drag radials?

    i could have sworn there used to be a sticky that had "everything you ever wanted to know about buick wheels", but maybe i hallucinated it? i just scored 2 pairs of slightly worn 275/60/15 M/T drag radials from a buddy who works at a tire shop for zip. i have gta wheels on my car now, and was...