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  1. garyk1970

    Fraud warning

    Fraud warning. Avoid Eleanor Dela Pena out of California. Sold him a GPS tracker and a concert sound 2 speaker kit. Disputed the GPS...IM OUT $299 on my credit card company. Address and other info here. Beware vendors.
  2. garyk1970

    anti theft

    Pm me the sequence for an anti theft chip please...starting a new Gn motor this morning...tia
  3. garyk1970

    need 86 GN interior parts

    I'm going to try here before I buy new... 1) black carpet (new or like new please) 2) upper door panels with trim and pull straps (doesn't have to be black 86 only) 3)nice grey sun visors with the chrome mounts 4) seat covers (new or like new) and headrests 5) shifter handle, plate trim pieces...
  4. garyk1970

    Efi live turbo tune file needed

    I just got my turbo Silverado running and need a good tune to get started. If anyone has one, it would be appreciated and I wouldn't mind paying for a unlocked tune. Here's my combo; I would like a cos speed density tune. Stock 35k mile 4.8 (2010 with vvt & dod delete) Lingenfelter 58x module...
  5. garyk1970

    I love the smell of the ban hammer in the morning.....

    There's a lot of spam lately.....guys, feel free to (@ garyk1970) or any moderator when you see spam , and I'll/we will clean it up.....I have to cruise through all the threads to catch what I can....this would make it easier...thanks Also there's a report tab on bottom....feel free to use it.
  6. garyk1970


    1) sold 2) small new unknown turbo t3 $200 3) sold 4) sold 5) postons thumbwheel chip and 55 lb injectors $150 6) postons thumbwheel chip for 55 injectors and unknow injectors $150 obo 7 )ebay headers $175 8) good driveable brf transmission $500 9) core transmission $250 10) nice stock bore 109...
  7. garyk1970

    2.2 scanmaster upgrade.. new #s ??

    I've searched and haven't found the answers I'm looking for...I upgraded my scanmaster chip to 2.2, connected to my powerlogger...everything works great...there's some added display #s....what are they? A list of all parameters including the old ones in order as the appear would help me and...
  8. garyk1970

    trade metal body parts for fiberglass?

    My project 87 GN I'm looking to lose some weight.... Has good panels, but paint is faded....I'm willing to trade trunk, hood, bumpers , etc....for light weight units.... Lmk
  9. garyk1970

    86-87 Casper's harness

    Only 500 miles on condition $500 shipped to cont us....includes relays...
  10. garyk1970

    scanmaster question

    ive got a scanmaster 2.1 in do in know if it has a updated chip for power logger? any part number to identify on chip? TIA
  11. garyk1970

    2003 Toyota Camry $3995

    This car will make an excellent everyday driver. 2003 with leather ,Enkei wheels, rear spoiler. 177k miles , 4 cyl auto Runs and drives great Needs tires soon New front struts, sway bar end links, service Am/FM/cd/ cassette Silver, with grey interior Body has scratches and dings, but paint is...
  12. garyk1970

    official "stick your foot in your mouth" up your moments

    ive done this twice lately.......dont judge me:D:eek: both times waiting on customers at my shop... .yesturday, i had a customer come in with a camry and his ac didnt work...he went to an ac shop, they said it was electrical, and sent him to me.... he asked what i charged for a diganosis, and...
  13. garyk1970

    garyk1970's one of five Turbo T

    getting ready for BG, Iv'e got her all waxed and detailed (took all day):rolleyes:...heres some pics, Im driving this year,and I may show it Friday....stop and introduce yourself if you see me/car...:D don't forget to give me your screen name....
  14. garyk1970

    The Bassler

    Its not Buick related, but i just bought a 98 s10 Blazer in plans on competing in iasca idbl in the 2014 season. My plans are to place at the world finals again or become the world champion in my class. Ill post up a thread on how i build this beast if theres any interest... My goal is to have a...
  15. garyk1970

    Funny video my daughter made for me

  16. garyk1970

    free satellite radio

    just a heads up I was informed, that XM and Sirius will be on for free till September 9th..... so if you have a satellite radio that isn't subscribed, turn it on and enjoy ...
  17. garyk1970

    Who's ready for Bowling Green?!!?

    With no other Buick events for me this summer, im sure ready for BG....i have the fever....ready to hang out with the Buick community... Who else is planning on make the trip?
  18. garyk1970

    Found a test on the methanol cars by the EPA

    playing around and found this 16 page report by the EPA.....pretty cool stuff imo.....only two cars were in this test and their respective vins are noted in the report...
  19. garyk1970

    Cs2 parts wanted

    I need a nice set of blue concert sound 2 lower door grills and both speaker mounts...price with shipping to 30458....paypal or any other payment ok... Thanks guys
  20. garyk1970

    Knock or rattle sound

    My engine failed from timing chain gear teeth falling off, then locking up the oil pump.broke teeth on cam,stoped up engine with debris.took apart engine and installed new cam,lifters,valve springs,cleaned out oil pan,new oil pick up tube,oil pump rebuild....tryed to start ,but no oil...