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  1. Way2QWK

    windows 8

    Tried installing powerlogger using the latest version on a computer using the new windows 8 OS. I am getting a error...... PLC access violation at address 0052EC40 in module PLC.exe read of address 0000002C" Seems to be a driver issue. I followed the manual driver install procedure for windows...
  2. Way2QWK

    55lb injectors and other MISC parts

    For sale of the following: 1. Seimens 55lb low impedence injectors. Flow matched set bought from Precision Turbo. Have aprox 8k miles of use. Work perfect. Went to 83lbers when I switched to e85. $125 shipped 2. PST poly front sway bar bushings and end link bushings #9.8105g & 9.5110g. Bar...
  3. Way2QWK

    Various Buick Parts from Garage Cleaning

    2. PST poly front sway bar bushings and end link bushings #9.8105g & 9.5110g. Bar bushing measure 7/8" -$15 9. New OEM GM motor mount. Drivers side only. This was installed on car but never driven with. replaced for poly mounts before car left the lift. #25504647 - $50 10. New Centerline...
  4. Way2QWK

    Translator Plus with LS1 3.5 sensor/ 55lb injectors

    Have a translator plus version 4.2 with 3.5 ls1 sensor. Includes quality hose reducer 3.5-3.0" Bought many years ago. Has less than 100 miles of use. Bought this to possibly fix of idle stumble I had at the time. Ended up adjusting cam sensor to fix stumble, so I put stock MAF back on and have...
  5. Way2QWK

    Buick + Arizona scenery

    Went on a small drive today out near Old Tucson Studios. Nice backdrop. Only had a junk camera though...
  6. Way2QWK

    intercooler fan, billet fuel coupler, oil pump

    Couple small things I need to get rid of. Stock intercooler fan $25 plus ship obo ATR billet fuel coupler single pump $15 shipped obo Oil pump kit. Looks like all parts are there. Make offer
  7. Way2QWK

    Billet wheel adapters 1.25"

    I have a used pair of billet wheel adapters that are 1.25 in thick. Buick bolt pattern. $50 plus shipping
  8. Way2QWK

    3.5" LS1 MAF sensor 25179711

    I have a used but in good known condition LS1 3.5" Maf. $75 plus shipping
  9. Way2QWK

    WTS or trade new siemens 83lb inj

    Looking to sell or trade a brand new, never installed set of six match flowed SIEMENS 83lb injectors from Precision turbo. I am looking for a set of new or almost new 120lb injectors. These sell for around $370 shipped from one of the vendors. looking to sell for $325 shipped or trade for 120's
  10. Way2QWK

    Trade new siemens 83 for 120's

    Looking to trade a set of six brand new, never installed, in original bag SIEMENS 83 lb injectors from Precision Turbo for a set of new or almost new 120lb injectors. If anyone has some for sale I need to sell these first before I could buy yours.
  11. Way2QWK

    one pic from today

    First day time cruise in the Buick with my wife since finishing the car a few years back. Car ran perfect, weather was perfect. It was nice to finally just drive the car and enjoy it. Drove about 50miles around town. Enjoyed driving so much I forgot to take more pics. Was expecting to run into...
  12. Way2QWK

    Dump pipe at least 14" long

    Looking for a dump pipe at least 14' long. Hope to find a used one. I keep missing the ones that show up for sale here.
  13. Way2QWK

    after 12 years some pics

    finally after about 12 years my good friends Brent and Greig and I got our cars running at the same time to be able to snap a few pics together. Cant believe after all these years we havnt had all 3 cars together at same time. Hopefully soon we can going cruise too.
  14. Way2QWK

    Left side stock G-body spindle

    I am in need of a used left side(drivers) only stock G-body spindle for cheap. dont know if it would be cheaper to find one local at a yard vs paying shipping
  15. Way2QWK

    bolt on exhaust dunp pipe

    need a 3in diam exhaust dump pipe aprox 14" length. Im running full ATR exhaust.
  16. Way2QWK

    wire cap on back of alternator

    looking for one of those small plastic caps that cover the positive wire and stud on back of alternator. thanks
  17. Way2QWK

    poly bushing rear arms

    What is everyones opinion on poly bushings for the upper rear arms. My car has hotchkis upper and lower rear arms. I have always heard that poly bushings are not good for the upper arms due to binding. I have wanted to put stock uppers back in to try, but dont know if its worth it. rear...
  18. Way2QWK

    New in box Poston gn110 cam and lifters

    I have had this cam since 2000. Went with Billet roller at the time. Need to get rid of it . poston GN110t and set of hi-rev lifters, brand new in boxes. Poston sells for $200 Sell for 140 + shipping OBO
  19. Way2QWK

    Add me to the list.........

    Had a sudden engine knock noise start at idle. Just pulled the motor and discovered the damage. Junk Accufab throttle body screw came loose. Did a search and found others had it happen to them. wish I would have known about this last week when I still had a motor. Sucks cause the motor was just...
  20. Way2QWK

    Trunk Carpet Kit install ??

    Got a 9 piece trunk carpet kit. Its a Kirbans/G-body one. I cant figure out what order each piece needs to be installed. Im having the most problem with the pieces that go around the trunk hinge. Also does the piece across the tail light area need to be glued? Did a search but no luck. If I had...