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    Pro Touring Stage 2 Grand National 710RWHP

    What at bad ass car! I can't stop opening this ad just to see if there are new pics. I keep going over the list of things I'd have to sell to buy it and really who needs two kidneys anyways? Do you have any videos of the car by chance? Again, awesome ride.
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    Buick shop in Michigan area

    Depending on how serious you are about race prep check out White Racing and Marine in Warren ( I'm not sure how much or if any general repair work they do, but they have a wealth of turbo buick knowledge especially in tuning. I went through them for alot of parts and machine...
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    85 GN VS 86-87 questions

    If you do decide to go with the 86-87 and you'd like a set of 84-85 wheels I'd consider trading a set as long as the chrome was still in good shape.