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  1. fitz3820

    Latest Indy Buick V6 Driver

    She is really quick!!! Well the car doesn't run (yet) I am going to work on it as it is a friend of a friend's. If anyone has buick indy parts let me know.
  2. fitz3820

    Good news from Detroit

    Just got back from a business trip in Detroit. Spoke to a few insiders and there WILL be version of the Charger built off the RWD LX platform. Of course there will be a Hemi. Now the Dodge boys don't have to settle for the Magnum wagon. Look for it in spring '05 as an '06 Chevy is...
  3. fitz3820

    Calculator vs. Phone keypad

    Why are they the opposite of each other? Is it something Ma Bell came up with? Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
  4. fitz3820

    Metal in oil filter

    I went to LVD for the BOP day last Saturday, put some good gas in, changed the tires and went to start the car and...serious valvetrain noise:( We thought it was a bad rocker so I pulled the valve cover and swapped in a new set of rockers (thanks Jack Cotton!) The noise was still there...
  5. fitz3820

    BOP day at LVD on Saturday, 9/20

    I was just over on Jack Cotton's BB and he is going to the BOP day at LVD on Saturday. If I get some chores done I am going, hope to see some of you there! Check it out: Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
  6. fitz3820

    Vacuum Ball Reservoir

    Does anyone know the part number for the vaccum reservoir ball that is supposed to be on the driver's side fender? Mine is missing and I have vacuum issues messing with the dash vents and cruise control when I hit the gas (low vacuum) TIA Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
  7. fitz3820

    Regal dead in 2005

    Hot off the presses... Buick is replacing its mainstay Regal in 2005 — and when it does the new vehicle will get a new, old-fashioned name. The LaCrosse will replace the Regal, according to Automotive News, because GM execs think the new name will better reflect the new car’s vast...
  8. fitz3820

    Power Plate Install - Easy!

    Just installed my powerplate, took less than 20 minutes total and that included drilling the EGR hole. Race Jace made an excellent product and thanks to the board's recommendation of using some M8-1.25 mm X 30 mm bolts I had no stripping problems. Simply undo the intake bolts/studs, the...
  9. fitz3820

    Dead Mouse Smell in GN

    Hi all, Took the GN out of storage in a barn after a year and a half. Stopped at a stoplight and a mouse ran out from under the hood. I stopped and found him/her standing on the DS door hinge. I killed it with a crowbar. I did have mothballs all over the car to prevent mice but I...
  10. fitz3820

    Stock downpipe question

    Hey guys, Took my THDP off to put the stock downpipe/cat on for the emissions test. What size is the clamp that clamps the cat to the downpipe? I forgot to measure it before I went to work and want to grab one at lunch. My guess is 2-1/2" Thanks guys, Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
  11. fitz3820

    Pioneer harness

    Hi guys, I just picked up a used Pioneer DEH-45DH Din and a half head unit and was wondering if there was a plug and play harness that I can simply plug into the head unit and the 87 GN stock harness connectors? Thanks for helping a stereo newbie. Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115