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  1. fitz3820

    Idea to lower gas prices

    C'mon guys, These hoax emails from a buddy of a guy that works for one big bad corporation that used to work for another big bad corporation said blah blah. Just like Bill Gates will send you cash if you forward this email and some prince in Africa will send you cash if you send him your...
  2. fitz3820

    Inertia Switch to Cut Off Fuel Pump??

    Ooops, Should have read the question more closely - as Bob said - I would not use the switch outside of its intended application - I thought that you were looking for a part for a ford vehicle. Good luck, -Mark
  3. fitz3820

    What is a fair price to install pavers?

    I put in a paver walk in front of my house including two granite steps. It wasn't all that hard. The most difficult part was digging down 10+ inches is rocky soil to prepare the walk. Gravel, landscape cloth, crushed stone. The pavers I used were only $.49 but the granite steps were...
  4. fitz3820

    Rjc Plate Install/throttle Body Gasket?

    I bought a box of longer bolts when I did my power plate. I forget the size but it is metric:) Do a search, that is how I found the correct size. Ordered a box from McMaster Carr as the local hardware stores didn't have them. -Mark
  5. fitz3820

    Inertia Switch to Cut Off Fuel Pump??

    It is the same part for most Ford applications. Ask for one from the 2000+ Taurus. I used to work for the company that made them, at the time the Ford part number was 1L2T 9341 AC. Manufact. part number 22-400-02. I haven't worked there in a while so I don't know if the part number...
  6. fitz3820


    It must have been for the blind UAW worker that installed my door trim - forgot to take the insulation off when the Concert Sound II speakers were put into the door. The insulation was put right over the speaker!!! Great GM quality :rolleyes:
  7. fitz3820

    Sorry union folks, but this is a problem

    Check the news, GM sold controlling interst of GMAC. GM lost 10B last YEAR, not in a quarter. GM isn't going anywhere - it will be a different GM but it will NOT go away. Remember they have over 20B in cash. GM still sells more cars/trucks than anyone in the world. It won't be easy - Exec...
  8. fitz3820

    Exxon Chairman Gets $400 Million Retirement Package Amid Soaring Gas Prices

    Lot's of responsibility to run the biggest company in the world. Just like pretty much anything else, the top of heap gets paid the most - Hollywood, sports etc. Oil companies make $$ getting the oil out of the ground, not as much selling it at the pumps - that is just the part the public...
  9. fitz3820

    Key in Ignition Reminder Switch

    I did the column repair last year, try a few different positions and it should go back in. I wish I left it out, the key chime is annoying - at least to me. Check this out, may help:
  10. fitz3820

    rjc plate

    Make sure you get a scan tool (Turbolink, scanmaster etc) to monitor knock. Do not push the car in that condition - serious damage may result. It sounds like the car has been sitting, change ALL fluids and fuel filter.
  11. fitz3820

    help i need a trans tool

    Does this help? or
  12. fitz3820


    UNGN is right - hop on a plane and go to Europe - more diesel cars sold than gas and they have particulate filters and are quiet, clean and have tons of torque. Great mileage too. The Chrysler 300 Diesel kicks butt. I wish they sold it here:(
  13. fitz3820

    Insurance company bashing time!

    No-Fault has to do with medical bills - in a collision there is always someone "at-faut"!!!!!!
  14. fitz3820

    How to adjust fuel pressure with adj reg?

    Your motor will thank you for it...monitor knock too.
  15. fitz3820

    hood mount FP guage

    I have had the K-B gauge on my car for 9 years. I am not crazy about the "boy racer" look but I saved my engine when the vacuum line fell of my fuel pressure regulator. Someday I will get an isolator so I can mount it in the car.
  16. fitz3820

    Drivers ED. Car

    We had a Plymouth Sundance for driver's ed. I installed the passenger side (instructor) brake pedal in the car in auto shop:) Pretty easy, just a pedal, a few cables and pulleys. My wife uses an imaginary brake pedal every time she is in my car!
  17. fitz3820

    kirban GNX suspension

    The Kirban GNX rear is a neat piece but guys are running REALLY fast on "Stock Style" suspension - at least 8's - not sure what the record is for "stock style" suspension is at the moment. I am sure some of the fast guys will chime in - my boxed rear control arms and air bags are the only...
  18. fitz3820

    My new GM hood on my '04 GTO....PICS......

    Cool! I will just have to make sure I get a black one :)
  19. fitz3820

    Bode Miller *sniff* *sniff*

    Why doesn't he just ski for fun then? What the hell is he doing taking the spot on the team from other competitors? What a tool, if you can't stand the heat - stay outta the kitchen!!!
  20. fitz3820

    My new GM hood on my '04 GTO....PICS......

    Don't the '05 and '06s have scoops? I would trade/sell it to someone with a scoopless hood. I really like the GTO, great drivetrain and a sweet interior.