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  1. Buickturbo85

    Seville Rear Discs

    I've done a search on this and can't find much, but I could swear that I read several years ago about 79 Seville Rear Discs working for our cars. Am I just dreaming this? :confused: I found one in the yard in remarkably good shape...
  2. Buickturbo85

    91 Pontiac Grand Prix $1500 in Ohio

    Anyone looking for a beater/driver? Got a 91 Grand Prix, 3.1L, power everything. Has new plugs, wires, starter, newer alternator. 153k but runs good. Not perfect, but nothing to be embarrassed about. Overall in decent shape. I'd keep it if I didn't already have 5 cars. Email me for more info...
  3. Buickturbo85

    Shipping TR drivetrain, how much does it weigh?

    I sold my extra 86-87 drivetrain, and now I need to ship it out. I have no idea how much this thing weighs though, so I can't get a shipping estimate. Does anyone know the approximate weight of a complete drivetrain? I've got it all crated up- complete engine, trans, TC, harness, all engine...
  4. Buickturbo85

    Heater Box Question for Hot Air Conversion

    Guys, Got a couple questions regarding heater box compatibility between the hot air and intercooled set-ups. I'm swapping an 87 engine into my 85 and was wondering: 1. Will the 85 style heater box physically clear an 87 3" DP? 2. Will the 85 style heater box/evap cannister connect to the...
  5. Buickturbo85

    Wiring harness removal

    Does anybody know how to remove the engine wiring harness from the car? I'm having some major difficulty gaining access to the pass side firewall area where the harness passes through. What do I have to remove to get to this thing? I thought maybe I could just slide the plastic wheel well down...
  6. Buickturbo85

    GN Engine Swap into 86 S-10?

    Guys, Has anyone ever heard of swapping a GN motor into an S-10 truck? I've got an 85 hot air motor that a buddy is wanting to install. Anybody know if the motor bolts in easily or at all? Or where we could get custom motor mounts fabricated? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Corbin