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    Buick Grand National in Enchanted Lake Neighborhood

    I have found this Buick Grand National rotting away in a driveway in Enchanted Lake Area. I'm think of knocking on the door and asking if they would like someone to take away the junk car off their hands. Is there a body shop on island that could handle a restoration like this. I feel I can...
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    Turbo Buick Mechanic Nr Salem, OR

    Is there a good mechanic or repair shop in or near Salem, OR? I'm storing my GN at my brother in-law's and it looks like oil is seeping from near the rear of the engine, probably the rear main seal. I don't live there, and he doesn't know a good mechanic, so I wonder if someone out there...
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    Changing out Spark Plug #6

    I have a 2002 GTP with the 3800 supercharged V-6. I am 5/6 of the way complete on it's 100k mile tune-up. However, I can't get the boot/heat shield off the #6 spark plug. I have tried rocking the engine forward, but there is an O2 sensor right behind the spark plug that keeps getting in the...
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    Fel-Pro PermaDry Plus Valve Cover Gaskets?

    After 21 years, my beloved GN is seeping oil out of the back of the valve cover gaskets. Did I hear someone say the Mobil I synthetic oil will cause problems with cork gaskets? Anyway, my mechanic wants to use Fel-Pro PermaDry Plus rubber gaskets with a metal insert? He said that these would...
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    New Member

    Hello all; I recently registered for the forum. I live in Dayton, OH with my wife and '87 Buick GN. I am the original owner of both. I bought the GN in Missouri Valley, IA on 7/7/87. I have kept the car completely original. Used to run low 14's back in the day.:) I am looking for...