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    Opinions on converting to Blow-thru. 83 Ttype

    Nice looking 83. I have a 82 T with T tops in the same color. Mine does't really fit as a Turbo any more due to the V6 (whole in side) needed to be replaced with Buick 350 V8.It goe very good now (low 13's) What is great that I have most of the paper work for car.
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    Will a TBI work with a 1984 turbo conversion?

    This conversion is for an older Chevy S10 Blazer. It has a tbi fuel system installed, bad engine. I have an 84 V6 turbo engine that I would like to install and use the tbi set up with turbo. This would be my second conversion to a S10, with stock 4 barrell Buick 3.8. so I know how to fit...