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  1. Lockman

    Gm Posi Question

    Hey Fellah's, I'm asking your input on how your Factory Posi Rear end's hold up, especially the Drag Strip guy's ? I'd appreciate any answers from us DD er's too ! Thanks, Richie----------Lockman
  2. Lockman

    ' 84 OEM Valve covers w/ Oil Breather Tube

    17K miles on them , when I switched 'em out . Offer + shipping to your Place. Weight of ~ 8 pounds ?
  3. Lockman

    Just Wonderin'..........

    If any one could decode this for me. / or know anyone whom could ? It's just for S%$# 's & Giggles. , I replaced it with one from Eric. :giggle: It originally came in my 1984 Hot Air?Thanks in Advance, Richie----------Lockman
  4. Lockman

    Attemped to ....... FYI here, just to possibly support someone else when searching here , in the future. I received a new chip for my '84 , burned by Eric. Swapped out the OEM one ( I know....LoL ) Today. Followed instructions carefully, but nonetheless, I got a Code 51 . ........ Fried my ECM, got a...
  5. Lockman

    Vacuum Lines Routing

    Hey Ya'All , Does it matter what vacuum line routes that I hook up ? IE : if I ran from the vacume block to the wastegate sensor & then to the EGR , would that matter? . all new rubber is used . :confused:
  6. Lockman

    Torque Specs on Hydroboost

    Hello Ya'all, For some reason, I am missing my TSM Brake Section :unsure: I've rebuilt my hydroboost & MC. Could someone please reply with the torque specs for the 5) bolts used at the Figure 8 split on the hydroboost & the 2) nuts at the MC to hydroboost mount ? I would greatly appreciate...
  7. Lockman

    What Is This ?

    On my ' 84 TH700-R4 , there is a plastic electrical connector, on the driver side just above the shift linkage, It faces UP ? What Is for ? Thanks in advance. Richie---------Lockman
  8. Lockman

    Valve Covers

    I was given some ~ 4.5 in. high Offenhauser valve covers. What would be the Pro's & Con's of swapping out my OEM covers for these . The Oil fill / Breather would be under the Maf Hose & I 'd have to move the sensors / switch's & mounts forward. After that, I think They're Very Cool. :cool:
  9. Lockman

    Question About Basic Learn Mode

    If the ecm "remembers " BLM & adjusts from reading the stored cells, What 'remembers' the settings for cold Start up, when in open loop & the ecm not adjusting ?
  10. Lockman

    ' 84 Waste gate Vacuum connections

    Hey ya'all, I read recently that the larger waste gate vacuum nipple is supposed to be open , with a sock type filter ? Was that for a different year than '84 ? Does this look right for my " 84 ?
  11. Lockman

    Just wanted To......

    Post some pics of my data log today. tune has defiantly changed for the better since Boost 231 supplied me with the correct OEM GM TPS ! Heard knock when I got into it @ 10 or > boost? ( By digital dash lights ) Temp is a little high also ? FP pics are engine off & then @ idle ? Should I...
  12. Lockman

    Looking to Buy......

    Does anyone have a new OEM GM - AC Delco IAC that they could sell me ? Thanks in advance. Richie-------- Lockman
  13. Lockman

    Here's My 'Rosie '

    1975 CJ5 pretty much bone Stock chassis. Hydroboost Brake system. Stock Chip '84 Buick Turbo V6 SFI Hot Air Wedded to an updated '82 700R4 3 speed Auto Tranny w/ Overdrive. Recently had to R & R metering Valve in PIC 's # 4 & 5 , 'cuz it was recalled in 1992 & that's why my brakes were...
  14. Lockman

    What Would Cause This ?

    On my ' 84 , she starts right up ( Always has... Lucky , i 've read ) , Idles pretty well. I 'll drive away slowly , until I see temps at about 175. then on a stop sign start on a 50 mph road , 975 RPM to about 1500 , very smooth acceleration. After that , from about 1500 to about 2500 RPM...
  15. Lockman

    Shorting A & B Question?

    Just a quick question : I attempted to read any Codes today , old school , on my stock ' 84 hot air. When I jumped A & B , the SEL would not flash or react ? Could that be a bad ground , to the mounting bracket of the ALDL connector? Thanks for any direction on this. I have no one else to...
  16. Lockman

    Heated O2 installation

    Hey Ya'All.... Installed a New Denso heated O2 on my '84 hot Air. Got the Casper's wiring connector # 103025 , For early GM's. They say to splice Pink/ Black stipe wire to any Start type switch . Can I splice into my Fuel Pump relay ? It's the Closest one on the pass. side firewall ? If so...
  17. Lockman

    Tapping Block for Temp. port fitting

    Has anyone drilled and tapped our engine block or Intake manifold for another port mechanical temperature fitting ? Years back , I recall a fitting that replaced a softplug on GM blocks? It's a '84 hot air. Thanks-------Lockman
  18. Lockman

    BLM's & Learning to tune My '84

    I need some advice , please. Completely stock , From chip thru ECM, to fuel pump .Can not get the idle below 1000, following the basic IAC & TPS procedure? Set the New TPS at .43 , tighten down, go to read laptop scan tool, & it reads 5.7? Blms last week were 139 , this time 150 ? New MAF reads...
  19. Lockman

    What Is the Valve for ???

    There was a hose attached to the valve in the Second Pic, that ran to space under the wheel well ? Anybody know what it's for ? I don't ever see any pictures of this type ? I removed the hose, and after that , the pedal got soft & I heard what sounded like air leaking ? . I did not find any...
  20. Lockman

    Adjusting Power Steering Belt

    Hey Ya'll ...I Am not an Idiot but can someone please advise me on Adjusting this damn belt ? I have 4 bolts loose & it still feel's like it's bolted ? I can not move it with a flex bar ? It act's like it's at the end of it Slots , but its not . What am I doing wrong??? Signed, Big Dummy. Oh...