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    does anyone know which fuse controls coils on a tta. I need to know for a 2 step. thanks
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    Classic Fast Adapter

    What USB adapter will work on Windows 10 for a Classic Fast system? I can't find anything to open .gct either.
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    75LB Injectors

    75LB Injectors Delphi low impedance. Less than 1,000 miles. $125.00
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    75 lb inj

    delphi 75lb inj low z $200
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    tial 44

    i would like to know which port my boost controller goes to. I have a 76gtq and there is no port on turbo.
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    43lb. injectors

    009's 43lb. injectors 5,000 miles with 93 octane and 107 octane Red Armstrong chips $150.00
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    TTA THDP & TE45A

    Terry Houston down pipe - $300 TE45A with polished exhaust housing/heavy duty wastegate/less than 1,000 miles on it - $700