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  1. dynoman

    Check this out

    It doesn't look like there is any more room to move them in without hitting the leaf springs , maybe 1" at most .
  2. dynoman

    State Of Emergency Never Ending?

    I worked with a Machine Repairman at GM who was a tunnel rat . Yes he was little , 5' 3" , and he was a crazy man if #1 he didn't like you or #2 someone pissed him off . Thank God we got along great !!
  3. dynoman

    Tear Down the 109, Questions Advise

    The deals are out there , just have cash ready !! The long block in my signature I got for $3500 , 4 yrs ago and still running strong !!
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    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    Here are the articles that started it all for me !! Notice the HP & torque #'s for both ....
  5. dynoman

    Got my PL & SM in. Anything Else.

    You will need to mount the bung for the wideband O2 sensor in the downpipe at least 18" from the turbo ... NOT in place of the existing narrow band O2 sensor before the turbo , leave that one alone .
  6. dynoman

    Got my PL & SM in. Anything Else.

    It is very helpful in tuning and if you get Eric's ( Turbo Tweak ) 6.1 wide band chip it will help greatly with tuning . I use an AEM X series Inline with no gauge . You can see AFR on the Power Logger logs and the chip uses the AFR info for tuning ( it tries to maintain a set AFR programmed...
  7. dynoman

    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    I'll get the mag out and take a few pics of the article . Here is the cover .
  8. dynoman

    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    When I got mine in March 1986 these cars were pretty much unknown for their incredible stock performance . I just wanted a performance car I could put my kids in and a GN filled the bill and boy was I pleasantly surprised !! It was like you were on another level back then looking down on all of...
  9. dynoman

    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    With all this down time we have right now , I was looking through some old threads and thought I would bring this one back with all the "new" Turbo Buick owners out there .
  10. dynoman

    New to forum, back in black.

    I like the silicone hoses for most , but some places need thinner wall hose , like on top of the plenum with 4 lines close together . Zip tie every hose connection no matter how tight it pushed on . If the chip is stock , you'll want to get one from Eric @ Turbo Tweak . The stock 87 chips are...
  11. dynoman

    Ethanol fuel and stabilizer test

    I use My extra E85 when starting burn piles of brush . It's a lot better than gas cause it doesn't flash back at you . I'm rethinking using Lucas stabilizer any more in my car . And yes alcohol burns with almost no visible flame .
  12. dynoman

    New to forum, back in black.

    Spring cleaning doesn't mention checking ALL vacuum hoses for cracks or dry rot and don't worry about changing trans & rear diff fluid right now .
  13. dynoman

    New to forum, back in black.

    Welcome to the board !! After it gets certified , lets get it running right .... first . Worry about looks after cause nobody will see it sitting in you garage . Do the spring cleaning , get a Scanmaster & fuel pressure gauge if it doesn't have one ...
  14. dynoman

    Power Logger Review Help Needed - KR!

    The Powerlogger has aux inputs just for this , if you were to install a fuel pressure gauge ( which you should have ) , the sending unit for that gauge could also supply the signal for the Powerlogger for logging purposes . You would need to install a sender for the XFI for it to log fuel...
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    Are you using resistor or non resistor plugs ?? Non resistor plugs are known to mess with some the ECM's .
  16. dynoman

    255/50/16 Drag Radials

    275/60/15 , I believe 2" taller than a 255/50/15 . The taller sidewall will take the hit way better , but with your combo you will need to practice your street launch and throttle control .
  17. dynoman

    Ironies lately.

    Same here .............. Looking for my car keys with them in my hand !! And no alcohol !!!
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    Bowling Green

    I've heard that BG is going to be canceled ......... Anyone have info about that ???
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    Lets try something different . Remove the Vac/Boost sender from the Vac/boost source but keep it plugged in to the circuit . See if it works on first start up and subsequent warm starts . Don't forget to plug where you remove the sender from .
  20. dynoman

    2020 Buick GS National Questions

    We have had open trailers in the past and this will be the first year with an enclosed , but had no problems before . I don't know about security .