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  1. JP112_89

    Turbo Buick with V12|1
  2. JP112_89

    DW400 pump on TTA stock hangar?

    Any advice ? Changing out a stock replacement walbro ... Changing fuels
  3. JP112_89

    Fastest times with Extender Extreme chip

    Hi everyone, curious to see fast track times with this chip. Thanks
  4. JP112_89

    Cornfed is a good seller

    Thank you very much for the hemco I've been looking for one of those. Fast shipping
  5. JP112_89

    36" WB02 extension for Bosch

    Hello, I'm having issues finding this part can someone help me out. Thanks
  6. JP112_89

    Cruz Performance 1 inch spacer stock

    Hi, I have a NEW Don Cruz Performance 1 inch spacer for stock plenum for sale. Bought it from Don last fall. Spacer does help with air distribution. Hardware , gaskets and bolts are included. $75 +15 shipping to the lower 48 only Thank you
  7. JP112_89

    Autometer Ultra Lite Boost gauge

    Hi, for sale Carbon Fiber edition boost gauge from Auto Meter. Nice looking unit and works great. I used the adapter on the back for my new boost gauge so you might need an adapter, you might not, I'm including adapters that came with the kit. $35 shipped to lower 48. Thanks
  8. JP112_89

    PLX 300 Tuner Edition Air/Fuel Gauge

    Hi, for sale PLX 300 Tuner Edition. Works great without any issues. Purchased it from PLX in 2014ish... It's solid box built with aluminum. Not a cheap wideband, paid $325. 100% of the same features as the PLX Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Module with a built-in 4 digit display. It is fully...
  9. JP112_89

    ECM for sale. $75 shipped

    Hi, I have a ECM I purchased from Napa. Went to fast system. I cant find the metal cover. Unit is clean and works fine. Thanks
  10. JP112_89

    Alternator upgrade

    Hi, wanting to pick your brains on a Alternator upgrade. With mine being the factory alternator, do not want to run into any issues... Not using a volt booster Here's a few alternators I'm looking at. Powermaster 47864 looks like a good upgrade. Kirbans 200 amp alternator with factory...
  11. JP112_89

    TTA dual pillar w/ Autometer Boost Ultra Lite

    Hello, I have a Autometer boost gauge and dual pillar for a TTA sale. $55+ $7.50 shipping... To lower 48 states. Thanks
  12. JP112_89

    TT Speed Density Alky Chip , Power logger, ECM, SM2

    Hello, For sale is Turbo Tweaks Speed Density Alky Chip for 60's with Powerlogger and ECM. I've been running the setup for over 3 years without any issues. Best drivability I ever had from a chip. You will not use a Maf with this system . Can really dial in your car with the...
  13. JP112_89

    Chrome 3" up pipe w/ couplers and clamps

    Very nice quality up pipe. Alky hole and IAT sensor on pipe. Sensor is relatively new. Not many miles on these. Looks great $65 shipped to the lower 48 states
  14. JP112_89

    Accufab Polished 70mm TB/ Plenum

    Hello, for sale is 70mm Accufab Throttle body and Plenum. Has approximately 1000 miles or less. Increases spool up. Works well and looks good. Going back to stock appearing. $350 + $10 shipped to the lower 48 Thanks
  15. JP112_89

    Stock appearing Hemco

    Thank you very much.
  16. JP112_89

    New Turbonetics EF5 T-shirt

    New, never worn XL Tnetics T-shirt. This is their new line of Turbonetics turbochargers, the EF5. I have 3 of these so... Their site is $34 shipped. $19 shipped Thanks
  17. JP112_89

    Phil Bassage (pzdd) is Great.

    Phil installed UMI frame connectors and Bilstein HD struts and shocks on my Turbo TA. Tightened the car up lots and handles the bumps much better at the same time...rails.. He always treats my junk like it's his own. Rebuilt my transmission 4 or 5 years ago and it has not missed a beat...
  18. JP112_89

    TT SD Chip 60's Alcohol

    I have an older TT SD chip for 60's and Alcohol for sale. $80 shipped Thanks, Joe
  19. JP112_89

    GM original wastegate assembly , 4" Tomka , MSD

    NEW I have a GM original wastegate assembly for sale. Make offer's please NEW 4" Pete Tomka maf inlet hose (10" long) $20 buicks shipped USED MSD GN wires. I only have 5 MSD and 1 Accel Super Stock 8mm red wires to custom fit with boot and terminals. So 6 all together. Accel wire is NEW...
  20. JP112_89

    Turbonetics 66 P-Trim .63 polished and ceramic coated wg hole has been ported to 1.2 Thanks guys, Joe