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  1. 2QUIK6

    Where can I find an O-ring that goes between Oil Cooler Adapter and pump?

    Mine has sprung a leak there, can't seen to find them listed anywhere. Thanks
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    What should the line pressure be and how measured?

    I have a gauge setup I bouhgt years ago from Julio, just don't recall the proper way to measure the pump pressure and what it should be?? I have a dual nozzle setup....seems like I should disconnect one nozzle and hook the guage up and then test it with just 1 nozzle in that correct? I...
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    Opinions on ceramic coating

    Was considering getting a clear protective wrap put on the front of a few of my cars, but then found the price to be crazy at around $600 each...I can have the front clips painted for around $150-200 so the cost over benefit just isn't there. In talking to a friend of mine's son last night that...
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    Anyone been to the Ron Fellows Spring Mountain Motor Resort?

    I will be there Monday and Tuesday, looking forward to it. A friend of mine went a few months back and really enjoyed it. Will be driving their Grand Sport.
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    Where can I find cloth like electrical tape / wire wrap?

    I see this stuff on newer cars wiring harnesses all wrapped up nice with this stuff, looks like black electical tape, but it has threads like cloth in it? Have some wiring to wrap up and do not want to use sticky electrical tape that will make a mess trying to get it off some day. Thanks
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    Opinions on the position of dual nozzles in the stock style up-pipe

    Getting ready to install a second nozzle in my up-pipe. Its a stock style 3" up-pipe and the first nozzle is located just past the bend about 3.5-4" from the TB. Should I install the 2nd nozzle directly across 180 degress from the 1st, or make it a half inch or so off-set but 180 degrees from...
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    GN1 plenum and powerplate?

    I do not see that RJC has a powerplate for the GN1 plenun with 72mm TB. Is one needed at all or any gains / benefit and which would you use? I have used the stock plenum with a powerplate and JayJackson TB mod for years and seemed to resolve the back cylinders running lean and making the plugs...
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    4" intake compressor side turbo in stock location, what did you do with up-pipe?

    I about got the new PTE6466 turbo on, but it appears that the huge 4" intake duct right where it will connect to the turbo inlet is going to be in the way of the up-pipe now. What is everyone doing with a 4" inlet turbo?
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    New PT6466BB turbo, does the exhaust WG hole need porting?

    So it's been a long time since I swapped turbos...back 15 years ago, I needed to port out the WG hole to near the same size as the Terry Houston downpipe oversized puck to control boost on the GT6131e turbo with .63 housing..back then the inside edge was not smoothed either which I smoothed out...
  10. 2QUIK6

    MT Drag Radials or Hoosier Drag Radials?

    Looking for a new set of Drag Radials, I have MT 275/60/15s now, haven't had a problem with them launching at 12# boost or lower...15# and I will blow them off at the track. Best 1.57 60ft on them.. Have had them many years, wondering if the Hoosiers may be any better?
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    Siemens 80# injectors for stock ECM - high impedance

    What's the verdict on these injectors for the stock ECM (no driver mods) ? They have been out for about 8 years now, anyone experince any down sides?
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    No start spark

    This started as a sputtering/popping at 3lbs of boost. Drove about 45 miles just fine, hitting 8-10lbs of boost a few times, then all of a sudden at 3lbs it would sputter. Drove another 20 miles or so back on home just fine, just not getting into boost. Immediately thought coil or ign mod...
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    Alradco HID kit - HI and LO beams all 4 with all wiring, ballasts, etc

    For Sale, Alradco HID kit for all 4 lights. This I believe is the 4300k kit, white light, very bright. I had this on my car for the last 2 years, only in use about 8 months since my car has been down for the last 14 months with a blown motor. I decided to go with the black out look with the...
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    Another visor issue....

    So my passenger side visor kept falling down, so I bought a new visor bushing...installed it, but that does not seem to be the problem at all.... The darn pin in the mount just spins around easily, so even though the visor bushing is tight with no slip, the visor still falls down because the pin...
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    LED on Razor kit?

    OK, my car has been down for about 18 months, I finally have it back but new motor has less than 100 miles on it so I can't get into the boost except to about 8-10 lbs right now....the last replacement pump I received from Julio had a new LED and some new wiring...this was about 3-4 years...
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    Transmission wiring harness, 4 - wire

    Ok, I need to wire the 4th gear indicator wire to the 3rd gear indicator wire, so that the 4th gear indicator is "on" by being grounded the same time the 3rd gear indicator is "on"/grounded. I read that the 4th gear indicator is a blue wire...which is the 3rd gear indicator? I've read through...
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    Extender G chip with Gen2, question on TCC lock up for 4th gear

    Will post here in hopes the Bob or somebody with some first hand experience knows the answer. Does anyone know if the Extender-G chip requires the 4th gear indicator signal form the transmission in order to lock the TCC at the programmed mph? I have the chip selection set to lock at 45mph, but...
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    Black headlight retainer / trim rings?

    Anyone know of any place that sells the same 4x6 head light trim rings in black? I have a set of the Eagle Lights Black trimed LED lights to install and want to black it out completely with black retainer rings. Otherwise I guess I can have a set of the chrome finish ones powder coated.
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    Won this neat little tool box at work

    Was part of our United Way drive, they give away a custom wrapped tool box each year and every year I buy several raffle tickets for it...this year I finally won it after 6 years of trying. It's a little Snap-On roll around, but has a cool BNSF Train wrap on it, I have had it for a while but...
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    Anyone buy gold bars?

    Thinking of switching up some of my investments, wondering if anyone here has any dealing with buying gold bars? Where you purchase them and how has the re-selling been if you have cashed any in? Gold has been fairly stable for the last 2 years at around $1200-1300 an ounce, don't see it going...