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  1. mgmshar

    GSXtra (GSCA Magazines)

    Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I've been traveling a lot for work recently, and my two-year-old is not very patient with me when I'm looking through old car magazines... I looked through all of the issues that I have. I found an article by Gene Ross about buying a "Bobby Labonte...
  2. mgmshar

    GSXtra (GSCA Magazines)

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  3. mgmshar

    GSXtra (GSCA Magazines)

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  4. mgmshar

    GSXtra (GSCA Magazines)

    I have three groups of GSX-TRA magazines available: 1. Sep/Oct-2000 thru Jul/Aug-2004 2. Mar/Apr-2005 thru Sep/Aug-2009 3. Mar/Apr-2010 thru Jul/Aug-2014 All of the issues are in good condition with minimal tears, etc. I couldn't find a previous selling price for these, so I will take best...
  5. mgmshar

    Anybody from northwest indiana?

    I'm in Schererville, but haven't had my GN for several years. I wouldn't mind seeing yours if you guys ever meet up somewhere. Might help me miss my old car a little less. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. mgmshar

    Woodward Wednesday

    I'm going to be in town for some company meetings, so I'm about 90% sure that I'll be able to go. Hopefully some of my old MBTC friends will be able to go as well. Mike Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. mgmshar

    Digital Dash turbo boost reading went out...

    On mine, it was the Hobbs switch. It is mounted to the passenger fender. It has a vacuum line and electrical connector attached to it. They tend to go bad over the years and stop closing to ground when pressure is applied like they're supposed to. Part is no longer available. If you do a...
  8. mgmshar

    TA49/TE44 real data

    Don't know what to say. I had the ATR rear bar, tubular UCA's and LCA's, air bags, adjustable shocks and drag radials. Would still spin the tires from a stop on the street as the boost ramped up very quickly. And that was pump gas at 17 to 18 psi. Almost like the weight wasn't transferring fast...
  9. mgmshar

    TA49/TE44 real data

    No dyno data. Just DirectScan logs. Best run was 11.42@119. That was on 100-octane unleaded and no alky, around 25 to 26 psi. I was locking the converter in 3rd gear. I estimated that the engine was making around 480 hp at the crank based on the car weight and mph. But of course that's an...
  10. mgmshar

    TA49/TE44 real data

    I was running similar valve springs. But I had a large FMIC that may have helped. The re-stalled D5 eliminated problems with spool up. If anything, I wanted to slow down the spool to keep from blowing the tires off. I was down around 25 psi, so the turbine wasn't quite all-in. It did pull...
  11. mgmshar

    TA49/TE44 real data

    I wonder how much a PTE housing would help the 4600 RPM fall off? I had a PTE housing with a very similar combo (stock engine with valve springs, THDP, no porting, 3 inch MAF with no screens), and it pulled well all the way up to the 5200+ shift. My guess would be that turbine housing or...
  12. mgmshar

    GNX 532 at Mecum , Harrisburg,Pa

    Got to $90k.
  13. mgmshar

    GNX 532 at Mecum , Harrisburg,Pa

    Got to $90k.
  14. mgmshar

    Stock GN wheels widened?

    I had a set of GN wheels that were widened to 8 inches, if I remember correctly. I honestly don't remember the back spacing. Had a set of Nitto 275/50 drag radials on the rims, and they looked fantastic. I attached a pic to give you an idea. I remember there were no issues with rubbing...
  15. mgmshar

    No Moose Preserve Meet

    Just wondering if there are any updates for this? It turns out I will be in town for work meetings, and I was thinking about heading to Woodward on Wednesday night. Would be nice to see some friendly faces. Thanks, Mike
  16. mgmshar

    Site acting up?

    For what it's worth, when I try to log in on Tapatalk, I see the following error: Server error occurred [Mysquli prepare error: Unknown column 'thread_read.thread_read_date' in 'where clause'] I see nothing in my Subscribed Threads, Unread Threads, Participated Threads, etc. But, it does...
  17. mgmshar

    Dave Fiscus 7.75 ?

    You may have to zoom in to see the times. Great side by side race.
  18. mgmshar

    club header ?

    There's a thread in the lounge about these...
  19. mgmshar

    87 Turbo-T at Used Car Dealer

    Some of my Chicago-area TB colleagues might be interested in this. The price is good, but it appears that it's going to need some work. If anybody looks at it in person, can you please post back with your comments...