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  1. Danster

    Help with GN low load misfire...please.

    What Turbo and intercooler do you have? You mention bucking/surge, that's different from a misfire.
  2. Danster

    My GN back on the road again thanks to JL Performance

    Looking good and sounding good David. Hope to have mine done soon.
  3. Danster

    WTB Compressor lower "L" bracket

    I am needing the "L" shape bracket that connects to the back of the compressor and the other end to the lower bolt of the driver sside header bolt. Let me know how much shipped to 75094. thanks, Dannyo
  4. Danster

    For sale - for delivery at Ford vs. Buick - October 19th

    white car is a mess. Black one, still working on it
  5. Danster

    For sale - for delivery at Ford vs. Buick - October 19th

    Interested in the PTC 9.5" NL converter... I plan to be at this year's shootout. No car unfortunately.
  6. Danster

    Bumper Fillers - which ones and why?

    Very nice Darkstar72!
  7. Danster

    Ridetech street grip

    It's that stiff? Thought about going that route in the future. But might have to rethink it?
  8. Danster

    TR6 install question

    I have the Cruz mount. What are the spacers for? Where were they used?
  9. Danster

    TR6 install question

    I am finally putting my engine together and have a question on the TR6 install. I purchased the Cruz mounting late for the TR6. My question is, does one still use the factory bracket that held up the module/coil to keep it level? That's the way I have it at the moment but wanted to check with...
  10. Danster

    T-top panel replacement

    I need to do the same as I had the entire ttop section replaced that I purchased from Gbody. I believe they have a book for ttops that may have all the info required but I have not purchased it. I too purchased the stainless replacement set.
  11. Danster

    OK, Here We GO !!

    My parts were received Mike. As always, parts are as described! Thanks again! Dannyo
  12. Danster

    m233roller (Mike) - great seller!

    I agree. I really don't need any pics, just his word is good enough for me.
  13. Danster

    TR6 / Stock Ignition Module Billet Mounting Plates On Sale!

    Do you have to enter a code? Website has it at $75.
  14. Danster

    GN Surgery Commences

    Question, on #45 second pic down, what are the two hose lines hanging? They look new, if so, where were they purchased from?
  15. Danster

    More Buick Junk !!

    Mike, packaged received unexpectedly on Saturday! Wow, I think I had just paid you on Friday. Thanks again, your a class act Mike! Dannyo
  16. Danster

    More Buick Junk !!

    Mike, I will take number 3- Main acc.aluminum bracket. Send me a conversation with a quote including shipping to 75094. Include your paypal info. Thanks, Dannyo
  17. Danster

    Parts from Engine Part out

    I'll take the -Starter shield $ 20 shipped . You take paypal?
  18. Danster

    Lurker to Owner!

    Yes my run was with the vigilante converter stalled at 3200. As far as pump gas goes, I would say 15 lbs or so is safe for pump gas. But then again, not all 93 is the same so you never know what you really get. I usually get my 93 fuel from Chevron. But I have also gone with a Alky kit to up...